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Protein World is back with new "body-shaming" ad and its more "sexist" than ever submitted by Pinkmushroomlover to fatpeoplehate

deuxabuse 0 points 89 points (+89|-0) ago

You fat bitches lurking want to know why I work to have a nice body? It's not to attract men. It's because it's something nice I can have that I can enjoy the work I put in to get. I don't bitch and complain because I can't afford to buy dumb expensive crap that will only be out of fashion in 6 months. That's a waste and isn't worth my time. But with a knockout body I can make any outfit bought from any store look fantastic. If time is money then I would rather invest mine into something that has a greater long term payout. A fatass in a $200 fatkini cannot hold a candle to me in a $10 Walmart bikini. So go ahead, keep eating your feelings and swaying your gunt around while showing off all the dumb "fat"shion you've worked so hard gain from your so called oppressors. For roughly an hour of my day I will put in the effort so I can still throw on a secondhand tank top and cutoffs and still look 100% better than you. You can't buy that feeling, from protein world or anywhere else. That shit is earned.

That is correct. submitted by Fred to funny

deuxabuse 0 points 70 points (+70|-0) ago

She's using the tactic of trying to get him to balk at being truthful for the sake of being polite. I love seeing that backfire.

Am I a fucked up person for thinking it should be OK, to have afterbirth abortions for down syndrome, zika babies, etc ..?? submitted by Crustybedsock to AskVoat

deuxabuse 2 points 68 points (+70|-2) ago

No, aside from making people feel good about themselves they really have nothing of value to contribute to society. I work with them, I love my clients and my job but it does seem like a huge waste of resources just to keep people who cannot care for themselves or contribute to society just so their families can visit a couple of times a year and pat themselves on the back. I wouldn't agree to any kind of extermination, like I said I love these guys and love my job, but if a parent was suprised by a baby with severe defects and wanted to end it there I would think it was the best choice. They require at minimum 1 staff for 8 hours a day, have exorbitant medical and therapy costs, can't hold much more than the easiest minimum wage jobs, and that's the highest functioning ones. Further down you go you get to people like the microcephalics, and they require 2 staff individually 16 hours a day, 1 for 8 hours while they sleep, cannot learn basic hygiene much less any other skill, and have a whole team of Healthcare and behavioral therapists to try and stop the effects and the action of eating their own shit, toys, you name it. It would have been better for society as a whole if they never knew existence.

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[RANT] How Fat Feminism Suffocated Feminism submitted by bammed to fatpeoplehate

deuxabuse 8 points -5 points (+3|-8) ago

If no one cared you wouldn't know about it. And since you do you might want to do more than screech on the Internet about it. Maybe look into resources for assisting boys who have suffered through this? If there isn't any then work on starting one. Or, you know, keep bitching about unfair life is.

[RANT] How Fat Feminism Suffocated Feminism submitted by bammed to fatpeoplehate

deuxabuse 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Nice ninjaedit. Who said men didn't do for society? I think your autism is showing.

[RANT] How Fat Feminism Suffocated Feminism submitted by bammed to fatpeoplehate

deuxabuse 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

I didn't even notice you had made that comment, I think you were trying to pick a fight with me. And you didn't even understand what I had said that you commented on, that's why I didn't comment back. You have me confused with a person who could be insulted by aging or waning desirability. I've already procreated, am done with it, and am content with my invisible life. Get verified because at this point I think you're a fat neckbeard squealing at women because they don't want you.