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Poll: 7 in 10 Americans see Trump unfavorably, submitted: 6/15/2016 3:24:00 PM, -12 points (+5|-17)

A White Male Terrorist Shot More People Today Than Refugees Have Since 9/11, submitted: 11/28/2015 2:27:22 AM, -8 points (+6|-14)

Trump Set To Lose A Fortune As His Luxury Brands Plummet In Popularity Due To His Bigotry, submitted: 1/12/2016 9:43:38 PM, -7 points (+4|-11)

Just want to remind everyone what registering non-Christians looks like, submitted: 12/10/2015 9:31:37 AM, -6 points (+8|-14)

WATCH: Bald Eagle Attacks Donald Trump During Photoshoot Because God Bless America (GIFs), submitted: 12/11/2015 5:16:27 AM, -6 points (+4|-10)

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Spotted at an Air Force Base in Hawaii submitted by 33degree to pics

cynoclast 0 points 127 points (+127|-0) ago

Unless it's the higher ups. Or systematic violations of the constitution.

A feminist decides it's time to buy a new computer.... submitted by Troll to funny

cynoclast 0 points 100 points (+100|-0) ago

$1650 for a computer.

You could build a PC for half that that would work just fine.

Disabled Shitlady (Me) tells the truth to a fatty. Fatty gets kicked out of Target. submitted by FPHrefugee to fatpeoplehate

cynoclast 1 points 86 points (+87|-1) ago

That's a speed that difficult/impossible to walk at for someone in shape. But it's also a really slow/uncomfortable run.

OP's chair moves at that annoying speed that NPCs in escort quests do...

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Just... WHY? [post locked on reddit discuss here] submitted by cynoclast to MeanwhileOnReddit

cynoclast 43 points -26 points (+17|-43) ago

Just racist things.

Stranger Danger submitted by Wahaha to funny

cynoclast 20 points -19 points (+1|-20) ago

You really need to turn off the TV, it's making you stupid.

It's day 2 of the RNC... And the 'tens of thousands' protesters are a no-show. Want to know why? Because the Marxists and Socialists pissed their pants when Bikers for Trump showed up. submitted by Rummel to politics

cynoclast 27 points -17 points (+10|-27) ago

Ah, I see you've fallen for the propaganda that paints half of Americans as lazy underachievers.

Nevermind it's the blue states that contribute the most in taxes, and the red states that take the most.

You've been fooled.