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¨Bad guys, good guys¨ song by the Gilets Jaunes, submitted: 1/5/2019 9:21:57 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

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¨Bad guys, good guys¨ song by the Gilets Jaunes, submitted: 1/5/2019 9:21:57 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

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Revolutionary scenes in France as Macron is losing control submitted by mattsixteen24 to news

coucou 0 points 41 points (+41|-0) ago

French Anon here, following it from far. Most reliable TV would be TV Libertés, but this morning I couldn't see their videos, either YT or daily motion. Macron is a rotshit puppet, and the rotshits are in deep trouble. He will not last long. We have been so very abused in France (you know, in 2005, we massively voted against the European constitution in a referendum with 55% opposing it, yet that bastard Sarkozy imposed a simplified treaty via parliamentarians, without our approval. It was a coup d'état! JUst like they do with the Brexit!). THEY WILL HANG! And when I see the absolutely insulting way that little queer treated DJT, I really feel like I would like to stick a broomstick up his ass, if it were not for the fact he'd probably love it and asked for some more!

Jewish Federal Judge appointed by Ronald Reagan says Muslim female genital mutilation must be allowed submitted by Kyle_Rogers_2018 to news

coucou 2 points 37 points (+39|-2) ago

Because otherwise, it will be legitimate to prohibit circumcision, makes sense. BITCH!

Zimbabwe: niggers selling dried rats having killed all the white farmers submitted by CognitiveDissident5 to Niggers

coucou 1 points 31 points (+32|-1) ago

So, the white people were efficient, productive and all. The blacks got jealous, they wanted what the whites had. See the result. Algeria with the French. Gorgeous country. Kick the French out. Now shit hole. Writing on a wall ¨Peuple dans la merde recherche colonisateur sérieux¨ (People in deep shit / merde looking for serious coloniser). I have some friends who were in Congo. Had to leave fast because 50 ks'away the killers were approaching. Their lovely Congolese colleagues said ¨Leave¨, those colleagues were good people. They left the house, furniture, cars, went back to Europe, alive. Now Congo is Errr... It is always the same, same, same, same. Yet the white man is baaaaaddddd. I am sorry but, you did choose to drive out the only people who could run your country, and make your country prosperous. Some of you say ¨We want the white people back¨. Are you fucking joking? To have their farms confiscated again, with all the violence of you barbarians? Mr Poutine is inviting the good productive South-African farmers to Russia. Mr Poutine, I love you! For the other Africans who kicked out the white people, STARVE.

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Hook noses are the reason we hate the other races submitted by KingOfTheCorpses to whatever

coucou 16 points -16 points (+0|-16) ago

Oh la la! C'est grave. Très très grave. You love your own. Fine. I am white, and when I see ocasio-cortez barking her antiques, and other such assholes, I am white, and I think the woman is a disaster. ¨ White man and woman, impeccably dressed and the picture of good health, walking hand in hand with a few beautiful children playing in the sun¨, white people are always impeccably dressed, walking hand in hand with children playing in the sun¨. Shhh!. The self-righteousness of whiteness. What exactly is you agenda ? Are you an infiltrated leftist? You stink the stench of it anyway. Cui bono?

Circumcision is not medically necessary. Parents usually know this but do it to their son so "he can look like his dad". Break the cycle and stop circumcising. submitted by Empress to whatever

coucou 17 points -15 points (+2|-17) ago

Some, and we have to get rid of them. But some Jews are victims just as we are. Calm down, goyim boy!

I got a fat fired today. submitted by HateCumbuckets to fatpeoplehate

coucou 13 points -13 points (+0|-13) ago

Mwahhhh hahahahahaha! But then, please, listen, I knew a woman, nice young girl, feeding herself properly, but she was OBESE. It was just not her fault at all. In the end, she had a fat removing operation, they litterally chopped off fat from her, and she became decently fat, not enormous like she used to be. She did that because she was fiancée and she thought that in her condition, a pregnancy would have turned her into a monster. I do not know the name of that condition, it is a young woman I met 30 years ago. Please. I hope you understand this case. There are also cases of hydropisia... So be careful before taking it on on the fatties...