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Trump thinks he will win the Latino vote, submitted: 7/9/2015 10:32:42 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

A Janitor Invented Flamin Hot Cheetos, submitted: 7/16/2015 1:29:02 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Naugles comeback: Local food blogger wins trademark case against Del Taco, submitted: 7/29/2015 3:50:37 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Anyone know how to make a hot sauce similar to Del Taco's mild sauce? Or is there an equivalent sauce that I can buy at the store?, submitted: 7/29/2015 1:07:51 PM, 3 points (+3|-0)

Parents outraged, claim Happy Meal toys are cursing at them, submitted: 7/10/2015 11:53:43 AM, 3 points (+3|-0)

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Steve Huffman, the new CEO of Reddit says he isn't afraid of Voat submitted by cheesypoofs_andpinot to news

cheesypoofs_andpinot 0 points 142 points (+142|-0) ago

reddit had better technology than Digg. I don't think Voat has better technology than reddit.

It's not about technology, it's about the user base. And if Reddit is so technologically advanced, why are there so many complaints about mod tools, etc.. Their internal search engine is shit.

LAPD officer gets only 36 months in jail (she could be out in 5) after kicking woman in groin, ignoring her pleas for help when she can't breathe after assualt. The officer's victim died submitted by cheesypoofs_andpinot to news

cheesypoofs_andpinot 2 points 131 points (+133|-2) ago

The encounter, which was captured on a dashboard camera, showed O'Callaghan striking Alesia Thomas — a mother of two — with an open hand and kicking her in the crotch. The officer then can be seen smoking a cigarette on the street, as Alesia Thomas fell unconscious.

After the assault, the footage shows O'Callaghan smoking a cigarette. When she realizes Thomas is unconscious, O'Callaghan says, "That ain't a good sign."

At some point, these people have to ask themselves, "Are we the bad guys?"

Is reposting reddit content 'ok' for the time being? submitted by harleqin to AskVoat

cheesypoofs_andpinot 0 points 68 points (+68|-0) ago

I'll allow it for the time being.

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The World's Most Powerful Laser Has Been Fired in Japan submitted by cheesypoofs_andpinot to news

cheesypoofs_andpinot 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Yeah, it needs bears carrying sharks. I'm pretty disappointed in this article.

16 victims of human trafficing kidnapped from safe-house as police stand idly by submitted by cheesypoofs_andpinot to news

cheesypoofs_andpinot 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

Despite an increased police presence in the area, the group returned a few days later and left with 16 women who were sheltering at the house.

Were the police in on it, or simply distracted while gorging themselves on donuts?

As an Atheist, what made you lose your faith? If born Atheist, did you considered or joined a religion? submitted by Clips to AskVoat

cheesypoofs_andpinot 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Dawkins plus extensive research into the history of the Bible turned me into an Atheist. They VOTED on what to include in the Bible.... Politics and other petty nonsense came into play when creating the Bible. Pretty sure that's not the word of God in that book.