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IMPORTANT!!: search twitter for People starting with "catherineagne" and ARCHIVE ARCHIVE ARCHIVE FAST submitted by wehaveyouremails to pizzagate

cbradioPrepper 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago

Actually, this could be false or mental; BUT, I have worked with severe trauma victims AND when still in danger, this is EXACTLY how it sounds. And, TRAUMA is not necessarily a permanent mental disorder or schizo types.

Review books on TRAUMA and it is stored in the brain and cellular level; and causes a repitition in thoughts; esp under acute/ chronic distress. Peter Levine is one of many books on the subject.

Review the Florida law case of the Florida Hospital whistleblowers; and even professionals began to sound "insane," as a lot of odd, disturbing events occurred where all the whistleblowers left Fl, even the female Dr in fear. ( Medicare/ Medicaid fraud case).

At her age, and no regular internet access, AND both in fear, anger, chronic ptsd,; it would not be unexpected that there are many accounts from terror, forgetting her login info in distress, not knowing about hasgtags and such, teetering between angry/ defiant/ brave/ fear/ terror/ distress. Also, rushed for time, safety wise and library minutes, etc.

I am very open that this can be false or mental; BUT, to blow off and insult someone that could be in danger, could gave been in danger for a long period and witnessed/endured gross terror events is "so out of touch" with the reality of severe crime victims and whistleblowers. Let it happen to ones so rude for a day/week/months/ years, as all they have worked for and cared about is destroyed; and see how you become.

Very often, victims of the severest crimes and chronic endangerment; will "pop out," of ramblings quite well when in safety/sanctuary/ support.

Amazing how ones act like they care to investigate the most horrific crimes of the sickest elite and expect victims to be perfectly professional, and in a construct of sharing possible life or death info in professional versus desperate ways.

Review the past and current governors of Fl and their histories. Review the survivor book, "Let Haiti Live," and all the FL people, groups, entities mentioned. Review the Tallahassee mental hospital, and all the "events," that have happened there, and is still operating. Review the boys institution in Fl, and all the bodies found. Review the numerous cases of disabled children taken from good parents; as FL refuses the cheaper hone medical supplies. Review the case if the disabled girl, killed enroute to a nursing home, taken from a mom who fought so hard for her cheaper, home medical supplies; and how she died enroute as medical drive staff did not even hook her oxygen up and check up on her for hours.

Most cases not sure even to be found as ones cannot even get attorneys. But hey, that "common fact," is not known to many that gave never endured or advocated. Try it, call 1000 attorneys and see how many say no, after take the "info."

Try advocating, esp as a victim. See how many "odd," things, occur. "Meet a victim/ survivor where they are at. Even in regular medical, not doing such can cause severe harms/ negligence and death.

How would you sound if you wanted to live, and shitz just does not STOP? HOW would you feel to endure so much, and see such disrespectful written about you? How would you trust?

And this is NOT concern trolling, but actually what IS taught in dealing with TRAUMA. Even animals, go in distress.

Review the Providence corp case in current FBI investigation.

Walk in her shoes, or any victim of pedo, organ harvesting, escape, cut throat survival. How well would you be presenting yourself in desperation? How long could you last? How broken and alone would you be, hungry, desperate, sick, injured, poor as can be?

Review chemical and radiation exposures and how they affect the nervous and cognitive of even mice/rats. Review and Nitro, WV; both way worse than Flint, esp Newark.

If you are going to insult a mental; maybe focus on the dangerous ones versus the victims and potential victims. Distress and trauma are unconscious/ subconscious, different affects on people. In fact, she might just be very brave, a real survivor with more balls than ones bashing her, would/could ever have.

Compassion is a key word. Concern troll is so overused, versus asswipes. Skepticism is key; but so is CONSTRUCT of victim/survivors, length of terror/danger, distress, poverty, loss, grief, trauma stuck as still danger occurs; and SO many other factors.

Funny, for I could bet the ones so rude and toss out mental labels; surely whine like babies over the tiniest things. You might as well join the industries that have been over labelling and dosing our children for so long.

No victim or survivor will fit a norm of ones not in distress. Perhaps she did the best she could, against MASS ODDS.

REVIEW past cases of victims and how punished, killed, thrown in jail, etc.

Aside, there is another twitter of another person; doing some odd tweets that have parallels with this.

Grateful for all the consistent cool types on here. Flabbergasted at all the nots.

Did you know that many survivors of horrid situations, care so much to not be libelled and slandered as mental?

Why aren't the pedos, organ harvestors and such; so labelled and dissected; as that is beyond mental, to chosen mental, of evil. Nothing fits "in a box." And there is no common expertise on dealing with these crimes, as protecting victims, providing significant d and rapid refuge. DIGNITY..KEY WORD. Ones live through so much; its what they want most..DIGNITY.

Robert David Steele is a Limited hangout spook. Reasons given. submitted by DeathToMasons to pizzagate

cbradioPrepper 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago

Yah. What I do know is this habitual impunity, lessen charges for bigwigs is injustice and a severe prob with our delayed justice system.

As regular citizens can endure mass, a stemic injustices; and severe punishments for minor crimes; this Bs impunity/ minimizing/ attorney loopholed ng needs to stop. It IS part of the prob, and has enabled such corruptions/crimes. In fact, I think attorneys that "loophole," the rich, should be charged for fraud. Legal rep defense vs loopholing to cover up...))

Minimizing crimes Ag humanity, just due to bigwig status is not equality, but enables. Fact, that ones and their FAM are even given dignity immunity status and access of rights is insane.

Speculation: Comet has Hidden Doorway that leads to McCullough - "Killroom" is located submitted by BeezleyBillyBub to pizzagate

cbradioPrepper 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago

Ah, you found Bucks! Thank you!

I reviewed both inspections you found on Comet, think another subverse for ones to see.

Some very odd stuff, esp with freezer, outhouses fail, both, not full inspected. Different health dept guy, both named Jobs, same Betsy signed both reports.

Not applicable noted for many sections, yet should be for jarring tomatoes process, shellfod shown on show where blonde punk guy visits Comet/ James, no faacp plans.

Also, put a Fda website up for cosmetic, health products, dyes, labels : Adiperse soaps and their oils.

Don't want to rewrite, but its on another popular subverse right now, all I wrote and reviewed.

Who is plumber company, code record plans with county, plumber? The two black workers, who are they, are they alive and well, I hope))

I mentioned a long time, older, wise black advocate that has been in some local news that works hard to get the excessive number of cold, unsolved murder cases in DC, investigated. Most victims are black, infant and up. There are some blogs of these long lists of homicides too. He would be a great resource and surely he and victim cams are livid if mass Attn and help that Comet gets, but not their communities. Other blue collar, temp workers, work jobs that go to temp and homeless/ food shelters might know things about tunnels and more, identify those two workers. Employee records, taxes, insurance?

For Virginia set of adopt, Dr offices, who is their medical and life insurance. Number of emails to pick desta as that wife says husband will have to get supplemental life insurance. That's odd, why at that age that supplemental requires a medical exam. Are they expecting a accident?

Also, large curtains are a fire hazard and have to be inspected, fire proof glazed, retardent, to some degree. Also, fire extinguishers. Fire dept records. Also, James saying no basement in comet as owns and runs Bucks, uses construction corp, etc is quite legal looping misleading. Anything else filed anywhere, county, state, federal, IRS, code, fire, plumbing etc etc with big cheese ltd, bucks, construction co ( employee taxes, IRS, insurance ( health, property)??

Aside, did you know that IF CP's was adhering to law to welfare check any child reported; that it must include the list actions of events with child and adult. Also, any type of med, psych, teacher, cops, and more, if sees those pics mist mandate report To cps , not with a call, but a special application form. Good way to put pressure on ones in various fields. The apps ignored by CP's, carry even more legal violating weight.

Call IRS. Get every booklet on Npo types, laws, llc etc. Many ways to chip away on ones, including accounting requests. After 7-14 days, if Npo not send in full, all data, correct; $10k fine a day by IRS!! Charles Ortas made it clear that CF not approved by IRS to do any more than Aekansaw museum archive research related activities!!!!!!

Sorry, I'm feeling sabotaged, losing my account, points, comment limits.

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Former CIA agent Robert Steele comments on Pizzagate submitted by zoltan907 to pizzagate

cbradioPrepper 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

Attention: Who knows @Armyseer for I had no clue who this lil wussy limp cock is that LIBELLED ME a shill on some subverse @pizzashills, then, like a PUSSY, blocked me from public defend myself, THEN emailed me here with MORE ODD CRAP ...

I Have spent MY LIFE freely advocating for ANY life cause that crossed my path as ALL walked away, gave PULES of PAPErTRAIL NOT MATERIALISM that I pay to LUG, whenever I move..have worked my butt off on this issue AS SIMULTANEOUSLY, daily calling advocating on RECORDING for lives at stake bypublic health care fraud .gave endured SERIES OF EVENTS ESCALATING abuse harraasments and libels.

And IM NOT ACCEPTING IT..IM calling it out..AND I AM demanding a TRILLION DOLLAR BET that the most lifelong legit anons here in one sec CAN DISCERN ME as way high ethics lifelong love as a verb legit FOR FREE for MaSs lives AND THAT @armyseer is the real shill, fake fraud, pusdy purposely public libel, bully like a pusSy, cause unec divisions and MaSs types of non safety endangerments, including isolating legit allies in this LIFE or DEATH ISSUE for freaking BABIES delaying and sabotaging!! Just my PAPERTRAILS will dance circles around his PUSSYLIMPCOCK!! HE could not handle a day in my shoes pulling the WAGON I DO of daily advocacy ALL MY LIFE..and I'm sitting up every night and day doing research, posted over 457 long essays on subverse of Resesrch and support to OTGERrs as advocating public health care victims and so much more for free..

How DARE HE LIBEL, SABOTAGE, divide, block me frommy right to defend his ENDANGERING fraud libel to Me IS THREATENING BULLYING absolutely UNNACEPTABLE. CREEPY AS PHUCK SELFISH AS PHUCK!

This is not the FIRst harrassmeNts I've had and its been escalating series of events AND IT NEEDS TO STOP..and I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE much to show and give and do..AND IM NOT HIDING HIS libel harraSsing abuse but calling this lil limp cock shit fake bully OUT..TO THE PUBLIC HERE..TRILLION dollar bet that the most legit lifelong anons ACCESS US BOTH FOR ACTIONS of LIFELONG LABOR AND THE eyes of legit lifelong advocates DO NOT LIE ...LIKE THIS lil lumpcocksucker.

I will not stay quiet..libel attack me, block me from defend..then come out the shadows..lil sgit boy WHO INITIATED ALL OF THIS..come on out pusdy into the light INTO THE PUBLIC..PUSSY LIMP COCK SHADOW BULLYBITCH!

IF I so happen to be the first bullied on here by shittard fakes thatbully libel in shadows...THEN SO BE IT..IM PROUD I spent my life doing for others, even if I had it hard I always chose high ethics run and less let's end this NOW SO NOONE else is bullied and isolated on this life or death not safe WW issue! I have had it!!

Come on lil fucktard..come out the shadows..trillion dollar bet pusdy that most legit anons will asap FIND AND CLEARLY SEE the legit one and ur the phucktaRd DAKE LIL LimpcocKsucking bullying libelling shill!!

Come on DARE U MESS WITH MY TIME AND WORK AS I do so much HERE AND elsewhere EVERY DAY AND NIGHT..SHITHEAD..COME OUT IN PUBLIC..LET THE LIGHT SHINE PUSSY!! JUST my tons of papertrails will dance circles around ur limp lil cock!!!! U STARTED IT PUSDY..come out the shadows to PUBLUC ILL END IT FRAUDPUSSY!


Former CIA agent Robert Steele comments on Pizzagate submitted by zoltan907 to pizzagate

cbradioPrepper 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

Like I care if you or other libel harrasing shills IGNORE my research..go ahead..its not written for you..only legit with ethics.

Ur a waste of don't care about the kids..fucking CONTROL FREAK..GET UR SHIT TOGETHER..ur a pussy attacking CITIZENS..SCREW U..

Former CIA agent Robert Steele comments on Pizzagate submitted by zoltan907 to pizzagate

cbradioPrepper 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Don't tell me what to do SCRUB

go send your demean msg to THE ONE THAT INITIATED army psycho psychotic Mr libel SCHIZO DELUSIONAL

NOOBE EVEN KNEW who ur aletak WHOEVER obsessions is till U ALL INITIATED CRAP with citizens NOT INVOLVED in your crap.

How dare you all attack ones investing time to help save kids..SCREWU..U DONT OWN ME BITCH! Don't u tell me what to do.

Work on ur own self..psycho contribute l freak anal retentive Sit on ur DILDO BITCH TILL U LEARN To leave ones out if ur crap!

GET UR ACT TOGETHER..leave people alone..u bend over..bitch..don't u DARE ORDER ME..

you are all insane drama queens cleay WITH CREEPY AGENDAS..