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It will be safe. It's a gun free zone., submitted: 6/12/2016 9:42:43 PM, 39 points (+40|-1)

A Question For Veterans, submitted: 6/15/2016 9:38:13 PM, 28 points (+28|-0)

Fitness, Exercise and the Unintended Consequences , submitted: 12/2/2015 9:52:32 PM, 25 points (+25|-0)

Dear Hillary..., submitted: 7/4/2016 9:01:05 PM, 19 points (+19|-0)

Have You Ever..., submitted: 5/13/2016 10:08:39 PM, 19 points (+23|-4)

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Vertical Hand Grip on a Pistol, submitted: 3/20/2019 5:32:49 PM, -7 points (+1|-8)

Vertical Hand, submitted: 3/20/2019 5:32:48 PM, -5 points (+1|-6)

Not Speaking, submitted: 10/15/2017 7:39:17 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

Gallows Humor, submitted: 5/28/2019 5:26:50 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

Double Post, submitted: 12/29/2015 6:32:54 AM, 0 points (+2|-2)

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What its like to be THAT fat person sitting next to you on the plane. REEEEEEEEE REEEEEEEE submitted by cbrooker to fatpeoplehate

cattarhero 0 points 101 points (+101|-0) ago

Shit, it's almost enough to make one decide to lose weight and get fit. Almost...

CNN Threatens To Stop Covering The White House submitted by fluxusp to news

cattarhero 1 points 73 points (+74|-1) ago

That threat is like me saying, I'm going to kill myself if you don'd stop shooting at me.

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I-is this a joke? submitted by shiftyshitlady to fatpeoplehate

cattarhero 18 points -15 points (+3|-18) ago

Must be a coal-burner. Niggers will fuck anything.

It still happens. submitted by swinston79 to Niggers

cattarhero 15 points -15 points (+0|-15) ago

You're not from Grand Saline, Texas, are you? I hear everyone there is related.

Honey that is the last thing you need submitted by iheartmypuppy to fatpeoplehate

cattarhero 15 points -13 points (+2|-15) ago

She looks white, but she talks nigger.