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I don't want them to fire that racist cunt at the NYT. I want them to let her unleash... show their true colors., submitted: 8/3/2018 11:42:58 AM, 174 points (+177|-3)

Sitting near a black guy today..., submitted: 9/12/2018 4:18:55 AM, 85 points (+85|-0)

If you hate 'Nazis', "Neo-Nazis', and the 'Alt-Right'... then you're in a Hate Group committing a Hate Crime., submitted: 7/13/2018 2:47:21 PM, 76 points (+84|-8)

Don't sell your inventions or companies!, submitted: 12/5/2018 3:23:40 PM, 55 points (+59|-4)

I was the first of my friends on Facebook. I was the first of my friends to delete Facebook (over 6 years ago)., submitted: 9/29/2018 1:01:46 PM, 41 points (+43|-2)

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@TheBuddha - This guy is totally unhinged. Look at him... Pathetic., submitted: 12/8/2018 1:29:28 AM, -12 points (+6|-18)

What the fuck is with this "Cannot downvote more than you upvote" BULLSHIT?, submitted: 9/25/2018 10:27:07 PM, -11 points (+6|-17)

What's up with 'niggerfaggot' ??, submitted: 9/14/2018 7:49:09 AM, -7 points (+1|-8)

Those signs that read "Deaf Child" or "Handicapped Child" in neighborhoods should honestly read "Negligent Parent"., submitted: 9/8/2018 8:18:31 AM, -4 points (+3|-7)

Niggertits, submitted: 9/6/2018 8:58:42 PM, -2 points (+3|-5)

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Joe Rogan Red pilling the masses on Anderson coopers fake news fuckery. submitted by Necro_clown to GreatAwakening

capnflummox 0 points 38 points (+38|-0) ago

I heard somewhere (((people))) are going through Joe's old podcasts looking for 'racist/homophobic/sexist content' because of his recent attacks on the MSM/Drive-by-Media.

I am confident this will be a hilarious confrontation. Go Joe!

Voat just isn't what it used to be submitted by 0rion to whatever

capnflummox 2 points 25 points (+27|-2) ago

Dude, this is what we do in our underwear and shit. Stop trying to make it out to be some 'uber cool underground network'. It's not. Three clicks and anyone can find anyone's identity... even with a VPN.

So, yeah we come here to make kike and nigger jokes and that's pretty much it. Did you think you were going to 'organize' with strangers on the internet that are most likely JIDF or others in disguise? Have you never seen a single episode of To Catch A Predator??

You go, girl. You go 'make your change' in the world.

Good luck.

Fuck you dad! Reposted elsewhere because fuck you FUCKYOUDAD. submitted by i_scream_trucks to funny

capnflummox 0 points 21 points (+21|-0) ago

What a bunch of faggots.

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Ham drives car through marathon, rees about its condishuns submitted by damnbiker to fatpeoplehate

capnflummox 13 points -13 points (+0|-13) ago

Nope. Just find a fucking field, ya flap-footed faggots.

Ham drives car through marathon, rees about its condishuns submitted by damnbiker to fatpeoplehate

capnflummox 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

I don't know... I'm kinda on the fence on this one. Find another place to run. Seriously. Plenty of open fields. Paved roads aren't for foot traffic.

What the fuck is with this "Cannot downvote more than you upvote" BULLSHIT? submitted by capnflummox to AskVoat

capnflummox 11 points -10 points (+1|-11) ago

I'm not brigading at all, you filthy anus.