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Democrats of v/politics, are you voting for Hilary Clinton, and if so, why? submitted by SellecksBush to politics

bugthebug 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago

Everyone I know, Republican or Democrat, has told me they will be voting for Rand Paul or Bernie Sanders. I for one am strongly in the Sanders camp, and have already donated and applied to volunteer for his campaign. In my group of acquaintances, Hillary doesn't seem to even stand a chance. She tried to claim she supports the people, but her history of being a money-grubbing dirtbag has scared away everyone I've talked to about her. If she clears the primaries, it will be because young Democrats didn't vote in them. I'm actually kind of holding my breath, because I have heard she has a lot of support from older, establishment Dems. Is that true? Is there anyone on Voat who supports her, and would like to chime in about why?

How much should prepping cost? How long is string? submitted by richardwrites to Prepping

bugthebug 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

That's the tough thing about prepping. Ultimately, everyone has to decide what they really need in order to get by. For some, that will be a lot of expensive gear and weapons. For others, just adding some food storage, bottled water, and basic camping gear will have to be a good start. I, for one, own some weapons and a lot of camping gear already, so I'm looking for mostly food storage, water storage, and long term things like solar panels and seed for crops. The thing is, whatever the threat boils down to, do you have food, water, and shelter? Protection? When you really start looking around at what you already have, and what you need, it's much easier to figure out what it will cost to fill in the gaps.

Welcome to /v/Prepping! Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread. submitted by Jahadaz to Prepping

bugthebug 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

Hey, just stopped by. This is a cool topic, I hope the community grows.

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Welcome to /v/Prepping! Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread. submitted by Jahadaz to Prepping

bugthebug 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Wow, that's a cool background. Thank you for your service. I've recently been trying to learn some of the skills you listed up there. Welcome to our community! We're glad to have you. Do you feel like combat medical training is something a civilian can get without joining the military?

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I inherited some guns this year, and the more time I spend behind them, the more I realize I need to prep, not just shoot. submitted by bugthebug to Prepping

bugthebug 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Well, I've had a hard time getting used to the weight of the trigger if I use it double action, but if I have time to manually pull the hammer back between shots, it shoots like a dream. I'm extremely happy with it overall, and hope to keep it clean and operational (and on my nightstand) for the rest of my days.

Is America becoming a police state? What can I do to help turn this trend around? submitted by bugthebug to Anonymous

bugthebug 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Thanks for the rational response. I've cooled off a little, so to speak, since I posted this morning. I'm still very concerned about police misconduct, but it was never meant to come across on the same level as a paranoid conspiracy. I think I took things to one of the possible extremes when I wrote out this post. The other side, the side that isn't reported often, and isn't very noticeable, is all the people out there trying to do good. Some other people have pointed out to me that the trend of -reporting- misconduct is on the rise, but at the same time, concerned citizens at all levels are rolling out new encryption methods, they are implementing body-cams, and they are gathering and voting to help reclaim their rights. Some parts of the law enforcement/judicial system are straight messed up. But those are the parts people are already trying to change, one appeal at a time. I will always believe armed police are dangerous, but after posting this in a few places, I no longer believe 'evil cops/corrupt judges' are the national standard right now. I can understand how things would be -much- worse if the things I feel outraged about were as commonplace as the media tells us they are.