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Dual citizen, submitted: 12/27/2018 5:40:07 AM, 463 points (+467|-4)

NPC spawn point, submitted: 12/5/2018 5:57:09 AM, 402 points (+403|-1)

She loves bees and trees, but..., submitted: 10/6/2018 8:33:57 AM, 379 points (+385|-6)

Muslims don't like it, submitted: 2/29/2020 1:47:51 PM, 339 points (+341|-2)

They will clean up the earth..., submitted: 12/31/2019 2:59:51 PM, 331 points (+336|-5)

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Two men on a horse, submitted: 8/25/2018 4:52:59 AM, -12 points (+2|-14)

Melania keeps escaping Trumps tenderness, Macron offers his hand and cheek (VIDEO), submitted: 4/25/2018 9:32:46 AM, -11 points (+1|-12)

Poll: the majority of Americans want to see President Trump impeached., submitted: 12/30/2017 7:00:12 AM, -10 points (+1|-11)

How they see the south (of the USA), submitted: 8/14/2019 5:09:33 AM, -9 points (+4|-13)

Embarrassing..., submitted: 10/23/2019 4:50:54 AM, -7 points (+5|-12)

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After banning 1,500 "assault-style" firearms Canada moves to ban 12 gauge shotguns and big bore rifles next submitted by Mr_Quagmire to news

boekanier 0 points 68 points (+68|-0) ago

Step by step, a communist strategy.

"We're leaving!" - Pakistani refugees are outraged after Denmark cut welfare benefits submitted by boekanier to news

boekanier 0 points 44 points (+44|-0) ago

They are 'outraged'. Filthy profiteers go back to your sand holes!

Why is the pope kissing His hand? submitted by boekanier to whatever

boekanier 1 points 37 points (+38|-1) ago

The pope is greeting his worldly Master.

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(((Science))) submitted by Logansrun to whatever

boekanier 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

So, you're a jew, I always suspected you...

Police in Auburn are unmasking Antifa members at Richard Spencer event submitted by Rebel_Media_FTW to news

boekanier 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

Rather soft police 'intervention' if you ask me.