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JANITOR REQUEST FOR v/whatever, submitted: 11/17/2016 3:12:21 AM, -6 points (+3|-9)

Why is everyone mad about the Steinle verdict? I thought we were for jury nullification here on voat., submitted: 12/3/2017 3:08:41 AM, -4 points (+5|-9)

Fatty Steals All the Candy, submitted: 11/3/2015 3:28:01 AM, -4 points (+5|-9)

Muslim student afraid to go to school after her yearbook picture features the name of another student, contacts Islamic group for an attorney, submitted: 5/10/2016 2:01:09 PM, -2 points (+3|-5)

Political pressure works. Keep it up Voat!, submitted: 12/24/2015 4:42:27 PM, -1 points (+2|-3)

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Black Lives Matter Supporter Who Threatened to Massacre 16 White Students Allowed Back on Campus submitted by toobaditworks to news

bob3333 0 points 102 points (+102|-0) ago

So if you're white and have the misfortune of appearing in the same picture as another white person wearing a sombrero, you have to leave school for being racially insensitive. If you make terrorist threats against white people you get a court order to allow you back to school.

Female Cops Win Lawsuit, No Longer Have To Take Physical Fitness Tests: Two running exams, 52 push-ups, and 45 sit-ups are discriminatory. submitted by TerriChris to news

bob3333 0 points 97 points (+97|-0) ago

Tests are supposed to be discriminatory. They discriminate between those with the tested abilities and those without.

BREAKING: Texas Mosque Refuses To Help Refugees: Allah Forbids Helping Infidels submitted by PubMaster to news

bob3333 0 points 75 points (+75|-0) ago

Fake news. There is no such mosque and no such station in Texas. WXTX is Fox 54 in fucking Georgia. The picture in the article is from a California imam named Ammar Shahin. Can we get an MT flair at least?

@typo @AmyAcker @Cynabuns

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Account Deleted By User submitted by sonnenrad to whatever

bob3333 29 points -27 points (+2|-29) ago

Weaver and his family were cuckoo sovereign citizen people like the Oregon nuts this year. Weaver failed to show up in court to answer charges of selling illegal firearms and when federal agents went to his house to arrest him he threatened to shoot them. Okay stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Bombshells in Bundy Ranch Case: Government Witness Confirms Bundy's Claims submitted by individualin1984 to news

bob3333 17 points -17 points (+0|-17) ago

Were you there, or so you have a different video than the one we all saw?

Vandalizing Leftists: London Pro-Brexit Shop Has Windows Smashed In Early Morning Raid submitted by Rummel to politics

bob3333 18 points -15 points (+3|-18) ago

You can always count on some of the same half-dozen voaters to be sure that everything in the world they don't like is the work of those crafty "leftists." Not to mention brigading people they don't like. Just watch the comment histories of anybody they confront on voat for downvotes shortly after.