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Really Makes You Think..., submitted: 12/1/2019 5:55:30 PM, 572 points (+574|-2)

Black Privilege, submitted: 6/5/2020 5:12:02 PM, 554 points (+558|-4)

Chicago Mayor Lesbian Lori Lightfoot Had Entire Neighborhood's Cars Towed to Stop a Church from Having Services, submitted: 5/20/2020 4:31:12 PM, 510 points (+511|-1)

Antifa Gets Coned, submitted: 8/29/2020 4:03:08 PM, 508 points (+513|-5)

If This Is Real: King Move - If It Isn't: Great Idea!, submitted: 6/2/2020 3:23:13 PM, 489 points (+493|-4)

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Yes, Yes They Are submitted by blumen4alles to politics

blumen4alles 0 points 134 points (+134|-0) ago

Cause when you are a faggot everything is about you.

DMCA from Black Rifle Coffee Company® submitted by PuttItOut to Voat

blumen4alles 2 points 116 points (+118|-2) ago

Bless you nigger, bless you.

Furry Convention. submitted by JJNova to whatever

blumen4alles 1 points 115 points (+116|-1) ago

Gas chamber even has a wooden door.

Based zoomers!

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How red flag laws work in practice submitted by MagnusVeritas to politics

blumen4alles 13 points -12 points (+1|-13) ago

This faggot posts twitter links all the time, really wish they would just stay on twitter.


Mothers can't raise daughters without fathers submitted by mralexson to whatever

blumen4alles 13 points -9 points (+4|-13) ago

Facial tattoos are a sure sign of low intelligence. Unless it is some tribal design like Chakotay had. Mike Tyson's is OK too.

What guys like porn with tatted up chicks anyway?