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If the government is going to slow my phone down spying on me, they should at least chip in on my bill., submitted: 9/23/2015 5:49:55 AM, 22 points (+23|-1)

Our allies be like..., submitted: 9/17/2015 9:22:17 PM, 18 points (+21|-3)

What's It Like. Ask Voaters what it's like, about anything!, submitted: 8/11/2015 4:19:26 PM, 15 points (+15|-0)

Why don't the citizens of the UK revolt against their vastly-pedophile government who is actively protecting pedos and covering it up?, submitted: 9/23/2015 12:15:22 AM, 11 points (+16|-5)

I want to donate to Voat, submitted: 9/24/2015 6:30:29 AM, 10 points (+11|-1)

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crap. you guys are on voat too, submitted: 9/20/2015 11:31:27 PM, -5 points (+3|-8)

SAAmod /u/dragonsarefake doesn't like people complaining about pedophiles on voat, submitted: 9/20/2015 9:28:26 PM, -3 points (+3|-6)

Who pays people like /u/CaptOblivious to endlessly misrepresent and attack libertarianism?, submitted: 9/24/2015 7:11:43 AM, -3 points (+6|-9)

I just think a good bit of the ol' lurk and upvote does a body good, submitted: 8/6/2015 5:01:12 AM, -3 points (+2|-5)

mod /u/The_Penis_Wizard is a tyrant mod that mods by personal preference instead of the sub rules. is voat going to care?, submitted: 8/14/2015 3:52:52 AM, -2 points (+8|-10)

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SJWs are salty over the recent SouthPark episode submitted by skymod to whatever

blackblarneystone 1 points 117 points (+118|-1) ago

lol hilarious!

there are so many kinds of people that like southpark until their demographic gets roasted...

didn't isaac hayes quit after they made fun of scientology?

Billionaire tycoon is a top Donor for Hillary Clinton - also top funder for Black Lives Matters submitted by TahTahBur to news

blackblarneystone 41 points 85 points (+126|-41) ago

i was gona upvote this, and then you went "if only we had bernie as president!"

you're gona get the same bullshit with bernie, i guarantee it.

edit: this is the most downvotes i have had on a comment since joining voat, and this comment is like five minutes old. the sanders brigade is strong on voat, too, i see.

Texas judge orders young man to marry girlfriend and write Bible verses to avoid jail time submitted by Vagilante to news

blackblarneystone 3 points 65 points (+68|-3) ago

do all texas judges think they are working for a theocracy or something? have they ever even glanced at the United States Constitution? i mean, they could just skim over it quickly and get a sense that this kind of shit is prohibited...

does he have to comply? if a judge "ordered" me to do something like this i would laugh and tell him to suck my stinkin balls.

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Dindu children are like dogs. Stinky, retarded dogs. submitted by PaleoconCarne to Niggers

blackblarneystone 22 points -21 points (+1|-22) ago

you should quit your job and do something else if you have such a shitty attitude about kids

What the f? submitted by TheBlueMarker to fatpeoplehate

blackblarneystone 18 points -16 points (+2|-18) ago

a fat person trying to lose weight makes you angry?

lol, apparently everything makes you guys angry... i heard this place was a circlejerk, but daaamn

lol what a bunch of pussies... you have to put "no dissent" in your rules and intantly ban anyone who questions the logicof a post because your retarded ideas don't hold up to any amount of scrutiny.