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Office365 stopped working Worldwide for half a day. Why no uproar? submitted by SonOfRobin to technology

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Office 364.5

French fuck eloquently dismantles Feminism submitted by BlackSheepBrouhaha to videos

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Wanted a transcript from this, didn't find a transcript, so I transcribed the video if anyone is interested.

There are probably spelling and punctuation issues in there:

You have to clearly differentiate between feminism, from women and femininity.

Feminism is a political movement, which, somewhat on the marxist model which claims history is a class warfare, here it claims history is the war of the sexes and that in fact the point of history would be to free.. women from the oppression they are subjected to by men.

So it’s a view of the world, that I call victimary communitarianism, with a mono-deterministic aspect to it, which is to say.. “women are alienated by men and they have to free themselves from masculine oppression”.

That’s the first serious definition of feminism.

Feminist demands, which are often legitimate, are manipulated in order to really.. make them servants of commercial and wage worker society, which is the same thing since you need wages to consume.. so in fact, the feminist demands for emancipation were used to turn them into wage workers, to make them.. wage workers and consumers.

It was a two step process.

And.. this started in the Unites States, with what’s called the theory of the new woman, which consisted of getting out of the home, which is a non-mercantile role, without direct buying power, and then making them feel guilty, and at the same time.. forcing their consciousness into thinking that being a housewife is an alienation, a suffering, a form of humiliation, and in the end, make her shift from her husband’s sphere of influence to her employer’s, which is pretty ambiguous.

Since after all you realize that in the end, women end up.. thanks to the feminist struggle they end up with dual alienation which is to endure both the husband and the boss.

That’s what some call the double shift, too be both mother and housewife, and wage worker.. and it often, especially in the working class, made their situation worse and not better.

Which brings us to another assessment, which is that in the end, feminism doesn’t transcend class warfare, because really the point of the.. of feminist emancipation has often been the interest of upper class women, and they’ve rarely identified it as such.

In reality 3/4ths of feminist militants are bourgeois women, who are trying to escape.. their housewife role, dependent status, or mother role, to go towards civil society, which is a.. which is a plus for them since it means having.. interesting professions they can be lawyers, researchers, run a bookstore, etc whereas for the working class women, it’s not only caring for the household and the children, but on top of that, being an assembly line worker.. and what’s pretty interesting is that for the working class, emancipation, instead, is escaping production constraints and the wage system to become a provided-for woman of housewife, which is a luxury, and.. and so one ambition for working class women is to escape the worker’s obligation to produce, whereas for the bourgeoisie it’s escaping boredom, the bourgeois housewife’s boredom, to attain.. a more interesting social life, and interesting professions, which means.. that there is an opposition in terms of class between the bourgeois woman’s ambitions, in terms of emancipation, and the working class woman’s ambition, and feminism rarely identifies this inconsistency, and it’s pretty easy to see that most feminist leaders are women in the bourgeoisie, so this matches the liberal bourgeois woman’s ideas.

So that’s the work I’ve done which I don’t think Is questionable, but was questioned a lot, usually without.. or in terms of the presumed intent. Machismo, disdain for women, etc.

It’s possible for a woman to be a wage worker if someone is taking care of her young children, which means that often, what we forget is that behind the liberated feminist woman, there’s another one, who has dial alienation, which is the maid, for instance, or the babysitter who takes care of the feminist’s children, and of her own children, so in reality woman’s emancipation often happens.. at the expense of other women, doubly alienated, which is left unsaid.

Because the problem with all at once giving birth, raising little kids, and working too, is that.. it multiplies work time, and that days don’t stretch, and that there is no ubiquity in women anymore than in men, so really how do you manage.. what of your toddlers when you have to work 8 hours a day?

That’s the question.

Now some women can afford to pay a babysitter to go to work, which means they have to earn more then the babysitter, but for working class women, a babysitter would cost more than the wages they make themselves, so this isn’t a free choice, it’s a matter of social class, and it often ends up, at least in the working class, with the “double shift, because really today, the “right” to work is a scam, it’s an obligation to work, almost no couples today can get by on just one salary, in the working class, (which shows it’s a social regression by the way) you need, in working class or poorer white collar families, two salaries for the home to get by, you need two, so a woman who stops working is a luxury today in the working class, she has to.. so what feminism considers a fruit of their struggle, the “right” to work for wages, is actually an obligation.. It’s an obligation, and it’s also what consumer society wants since.. with its ever-expanding markets it has an interest in expanding wages and buying power, the capacity to consume, so in reality what feminists consider the fruit of their struggle was the hidden will of consumer society, to put women on the market for wages and consumption, that’s why feminists which have always been very few, were always very pampered by the media and power, unlike real social struggles, where sex doesn’t matter, because in fact they unknowingly played in the hands of mercantilism and consumer society, that’s why I say that feminists, in hindsight, reveal themselves as.. being the useful idiots of mercantilism and consumer society, and generalized wage work.

Wherever feminism rises, usually is where class warfare, and awareness of class warfare regresses.

And that’s where feminism is rather ambiguous.

The more liberal, bourgeois, and “bobo” society gets, the bigger the disparity between rich and poor gets, the more you see feminists, and the more power they are given.

It’s a consistent observation, so, I think unfortunately feminists play the role of the useful idiots or even worse in this matter.

I have a lot of respect for many women, which are never feminists by the way, Marguerite Yourcenar mocked feminists because she sees the catch-22, women of a superior intelligence, who are aware of their being and who want to.. who fight for their freedom, have always denounced.. the lies, the naivety, the stupidity of the strictly feminist struggle.

And even feminist icons such as Mrs Halimi, she wrote a book, not long ago, where she basically admits.. that she did it all to annoy her father and that it’s basically a bourgeois oedipal affair, and often feminism is just.. an oedipal and bourgeois settling of scores, the most blatant example being Simone de Beauvoir, Simone de Beauvoir is proof that feminism is bullshit, completely.

Her relation to her family, to Sartre, to the left, to men, it’s naive on such a level… which is only equaled… in the end it’s petty, mean, and dishonest.

And I’d like for people interested in this issue to have the honesty and analyze, in hindsight, what Simone de Beauvoir represents.. when it comes to philosophical production, political commitment, her socialite ambiguity, it’s far from brilliant, I’d rather think of Louise Michel.

- Alain Soral

Account Deleted By User submitted by Durm to pics

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What did it originally say?

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Challenge (Easy): Taken in the North Central US in 2007. More facts in comments submitted by DreamsAndSchemes to WhereIsThis

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The resolution makes it very hard to distinguish any details. North Central US is 12 states. For a European, like me, this will take some time. There were no meta data in the image file. Reverse search gave nothing. Looking through your profile gave information about your work, where you live and where you are located currently. Not in northern central. Maybe related to an air national guard base but it looks more like a smaller private airfield in the picture. Available on GSV? Anything else you can disclose about the location?

deleted by user submitted by MidnightRider to 80sMusic

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Liberty Rock Radio 97.8

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Many people do.