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Trolls wanted to "Influence Opinion on Reddit/Voat" - $2,000/month USD Start Salary submitted by obama2016nazi to news

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The OP seems a bit nutty.

IAMA butcher with over 10 years experience! submitted by atotalnoob to IAMA

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So the meat industry is very misunderstood. In modern agriculture, the animal abuses are limited to bad employees. There aren't industry wide abuses in the US. There were. But the changes in the last 20-30 years have cut it down to the minimum. The plants are regulated down to the number of slips and falls, to the number of vocalizations per minute. A large processing plant will have on site USDA inspectors who enforce this., there are poultry and beef links in the sidebar, too.

Any animal that is slaughtered commercially must reach a level of surgical anesthesia. They feel nothing at that point. There are two types for pork, electrical and gas. Electrical stunned animals twitch and shake. They are not conscious and it is involuntary, but they are shown in anti-meat videos as still conscious.

There are several practices that when viewed without context or understanding, look evil and cruel. Let's take castration of male pigs (take a look at:, it shows what the castration looks like, ignore their bullshit propaganda. If you want, we can talk about the video, but one of my hands is in a cast, so I'm typing a bit slowly.). An uncastrated pig produces boar tainted meat. Which is DISGUSTING. And they are more aggressive. My pork kill floor used to do some uncastrated pigs until a pen of 30 frenzied and 3 people ended up in the hospital, plus several pigs were dead or eunthasized because of injuries. The castration is done before the pig will remember, and according to tamu, (I can go find the source if your really interested) the pain lasts less than 2 hours, and is as severe as a papercut. You might wonder why we don't use anesthesia for them. There is no FDA approved anesthesia for meat pigs. Even if there was, people freak out about using natural hormones, can you imagine what they would about that?

If animals are abused and mistreated, they lose weight (less $ for the pigs) and produce inferior meat, DFD and PSE. If we encountered anything like that we docked the farmer's pay.

I did witness a few abuses, (maybe 12) and all were terminated, and a few were prosecuted and convicted.

As far as health wise, on meat, you do need some nutrients (


Vegetarianism is also bad for the enviroment. There is no real way to be 100% ecofriendly.

Eating too much of anything is bad for you. It doesn't matter if it is kale, water, pork chops, or cocaine. Too much of anything, you'll die.

i've contributed more to voat in a few days than i have to reddit in 5+ years. anyone feel the same? submitted by goonie to AskVoat

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Or if you have an unpopular opinion, and even though you construct a well reasoned argument with sources and the hivemind downvotes you anyway

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After One Year, What Has #GamerGate Accomplished? submitted by I_AM_IRON_VAN to videos

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I had to stop watching halfway through, can we have a video that isn't made by an autistic person? Anime cuts are retarded dude

After One Year, What Has #GamerGate Accomplished? submitted by I_AM_IRON_VAN to videos

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Anime was an example. The whole thing was dumb. And I'm not affected. Just mildly annoyed for 30 seconds

Why is paying for sex such a big taboo? submitted by ArtEnt to AskVoat

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Read that as bgm tow. Was confused for like 2 minutes trying to figure out how we got into explosives.