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4chan Gold, submitted: 2/16/2016 3:08:47 AM, 148 points (+153|-5)

Who Did I Piss Off Now?, submitted: 5/2/2017 10:23:01 PM, 144 points (+158|-14)

In Soviet Russia they used to say, "They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work"..., submitted: 2/5/2016 2:07:25 AM, 115 points (+116|-1)

Found This On Facebook from a page called "Why I'm Not Re-Enlisting", submitted: 5/6/2016 5:10:52 PM, 110 points (+111|-1)

Dear White People, submitted: 7/12/2018 6:35:37 AM, 95 points (+104|-9)

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Would You Rape Daisy-Chan?, submitted: 8/25/2018 4:51:30 AM, -9 points (+1|-10)

Party People, submitted: 3/13/2020 6:57:57 PM, -3 points (+2|-5)

Voat Can't Handle An Onion Article That Nocks Trump, submitted: 10/14/2016 5:09:49 AM, -1 points (+3|-4)

If You Want To Boost Your CCP Let Me Know Here, submitted: 1/16/2017 9:54:57 PM, -1 points (+5|-6)

Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, submitted: 8/14/2016 7:56:21 AM, -1 points (+5|-6)

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Check out what GQ Magazine thinks about fucking other men submitted by shadow332 to whatever

armday2day 1 points 115 points (+116|-1) ago

Whoever wrote this article has fucked a guy but claims to be straight

Polish candidate puts kippah on rival, says her party 'kneels to Jews' during a political debate ahead of EU elections 2019. submitted by Hanzo-Hasashi to news

armday2day 0 points 87 points (+87|-0) ago

It's time to retire the Polish jokes, for good.

Account Deleted By User submitted by KennyBrassen to whatever

armday2day 1 points 68 points (+69|-1) ago

Any business owner should be free to impose whatever kind of price discrimination they wish.

Now just try to take that to a logical conclusion and watch the hypocrites come out and play.

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Account Deleted By User submitted by r0kuro to politics

armday2day 21 points -18 points (+3|-21) ago

Cool! Are you autistic too?!

Probably old, still good. This has it all! Bingo anyone? submitted by la_fupacabra to fatpeoplehate

armday2day 27 points -17 points (+10|-27) ago

Woman usually speak in hyperbole to get a point across, while men like to speak with solid facts.


Wife - "We should go to xyz! We never go to xyz!"

Husband - "We were there two weeks ago! Wtf are you talking about?!"

They were both obviously at xyz two weeks. Why would the woman lie about? She's not. As stupid as some people like to think women might be, they're not. Its just a different wavelength. Almost a different language.

I'm not defending anyone but this is usually a point of strife between the sexes, and I like to point it out when it seems relevant.

*TING TING TING* Excuse me. *TING TING TING* May I have your attention, please. Fuck niggers, kikes, spics, pajeets, and mudslimes. Welcome back, goats. submitted by invisiblephrend to whatever

armday2day 15 points -13 points (+2|-15) ago

I appreciate the celebrations, but is this really how we want to populate the front page after a blackout?