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Okay, you faggots know the drill tomorrow. When you go out and those idiots chimp out, be sure to film in horizontal and not vertical. submitted by YoureAFaggotHarry to whatever

argosciv 0 points 30 points (+30|-0) ago


How the fuck is it that your username wasn't snatched up until just 5 months ago? We should all be ashamed for that one.

Child Who Killed Pedophile to Escape Trafficking Ring Gets Life in Prison submitted by Oh_Well_ian to pizzagate

argosciv 1 points 28 points (+29|-1) ago

Share it around, get people talking... it's absolutely an outrage & people aren't likely to tolerate it... squeaky wheel gets the grease, etc...

Y'all need to stop upvoating this comment, story's a hoax.

PSA: The Cynthia Brown Child Trafficking Story that Kim Kardashian is Pushing is a HOAX

Knock Knock * 1,000,000 submitted by PuttItOut to Voat

argosciv 2 points 26 points (+28|-2) ago

In order for this:


to work, you must escape the backslash.



Noob. <3

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MSM is suddenly attacking InfoWars and demanding it be taken down. Mentioning Pizzagate. submitted by gamepwn to pizzagate

argosciv 13 points -12 points (+1|-13) ago

"MSM is suddenly attacking InfoWars and demanding it be taken down."

Good. They're finally doing something right.

MORE ZERO-DAY Adobe Acrobat and VOAT Targeted! : Why are possibly MALWARE INFESTED PDFS being posted by new accounts, sourced on Proven FBI computers, and URL tagged as voat-oriented request? Why? submitted by yob to technology

argosciv 14 points -11 points (+3|-14) ago

Oh look! A 9 day account making up utter bullshit and trying to pin it on @Crensch.

Color me not fucking shocked at all.

Top fucking kek. Get it? "kek=top"

Dense faggot, only tech-illiterate tards would believe your shit.

"kek=top" would not at all change anything.

Hell, make it "kek=bottom", same thing will happen; it'd be fucking ignored on the other end.

PedoGate Victim Saw Children Sacrificed to Satan submitted by TrishaUK to pizzagate

argosciv 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

Behemoth - Messe Noire

I believe in Satan

Who rend both heavens and earth

And in the Antichrist

His dearly misbegotten

Go ahead and downvoat me. Do your research first, though.