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Whitepill - keep shitlording my friends submitted by OhRutherfordBehave to politics

archvile7 0 points 42 points (+42|-0) ago

HOWEVER, 21 out of 25 of the "First World" countries are a majority white


White haters can get fucked. Or move to Africa.

Serious Question regarding the Pelosi trip. Did POTUS just save the US? Again? submitted by PacaGoat to GreatAwakening

archvile7 0 points 39 points (+39|-0) ago

As if any troops wanted to see that hag to begin with. Give me a fucking break.

Microsoft Xbox exec: Gaming is 'critical' to the success of Windows 10 submitted by basotl to gaming

archvile7 2 points 37 points (+39|-2) ago

I'm pretty sure the mass information gathering is more important to Microsoft than the gaming.

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You Should Put That On A T-Shirt... submitted by tendiesonfloor to funny

archvile7 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

Someone’s never been to West Virginia...

Good Intel on why Mattis was fired ! submitted by Quantum-Blonde to GreatAwakening

archvile7 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago

Here's an explanation: Q is bullshit

EXPOSED: Vaccine deep state plot to seize domain and criminalize all speech that questions vaccine propaganda submitted by madmalloy to Conspiracy

archvile7 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Yeah I’m confused, are we supposed to be against vaccines or not?