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Caught in mid shapeshift, submitted: 10/18/2018 12:35:04 PM, 551 points (+555|-4)

Anyone that votes for it should hang for treason, submitted: 11/8/2018 4:07:08 PM, 497 points (+504|-7)

Buy that man a beer, submitted: 10/19/2018 12:59:10 PM, 482 points (+489|-7)

We're taking it back, submitted: 10/16/2018 4:54:39 PM, 472 points (+474|-2)

Man arrested for building a 200 pound bomb set to go off at the national mall on election day, why no coverage? Take a wild (((guess))), submitted: 10/28/2018 9:33:12 AM, 423 points (+428|-5)

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Latest VQAT Q Drop! #99282.b (QHATPUTT? IT'S HAPPENING!) submitted by PuttItOut to whatever

antiliberalsociety 0 points 114 points (+114|-0) ago

Any admin that uses the term fagging is a patriot in my book.

Q Successfully got you guys to do nothing for 2 years while they lost the house submitted by Holosun510c to politics

antiliberalsociety 10 points 105 points (+115|-10) ago

Trust the plan, goyim! Everything is part of the plan. Lose the house, senate, presidency, your culture, language, religion, job, home, freedom. The big win will come!


Universities are getting unexpected Blow back from being Liberal submitted by jamesed to politics

antiliberalsociety 0 points 86 points (+86|-0) ago


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OMG they doxxed me. Whatever am I gonna do? submitted by TexasVet to whatever

antiliberalsociety 12 points -10 points (+2|-12) ago

I gave him a chance to prove himself, he can't.

OMG they doxxed me. Whatever am I gonna do? submitted by TexasVet to whatever

antiliberalsociety 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

Why can't you give Voat a shout out on your video?