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What do you all think about Trump cracking down on Marijuana?, submitted: 2/24/2017 12:36:49 AM, 69 points (+71|-2)

That smile., submitted: 2/15/2017 12:49:49 AM, 57 points (+78|-21)

(NSFW DEATH) Apache helicopters are beasts!, submitted: 10/8/2017 9:14:34 PM, 42 points (+45|-3)

Voat during the attack today., submitted: 10/17/2017 2:02:25 AM, 39 points (+40|-1)

Why is it so many people are willing to accept there are different breeds of dogs but not of humans?, submitted: 11/28/2017 7:50:17 AM, 34 points (+36|-2)

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Have you noticed that there is a lot of recycling of content on Voat?, submitted: 3/13/2017 8:07:45 AM, -7 points (+2|-9)

Jew loses his shit and his argument falls apart., submitted: 2/22/2017 8:58:54 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

Banned from yet another subreddit for asking questions., submitted: 2/12/2017 7:11:35 AM, 0 points (+2|-2)

Seeing all these "Me too" Posts all over social media., submitted: 10/16/2017 10:33:57 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

When have governments murdered its' citizens after taking away guns?, submitted: 10/4/2017 1:44:35 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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It's open season on illegal immigrants: Trump declares that ANYONE in the US illegally can be deported, regardless of whether they've committed a crime submitted by Joker68 to news

addie89 2 points 117 points (+119|-2) ago

All illegal immigrants are criminals. They came here ILLEGALLY!

Account Deleted By User submitted by LiftAFinger to funny

addie89 0 points 48 points (+48|-0) ago

I think a better way to think of it is different breeds of the same species. Like dogs. White and black people are the same species since we can interbreed and produce offspring that can have children. But I do agree that different breeds of humans (much like dogs) have characteristics that are more desirable and beneficial.

Another le gem from le plebbit submitted by shadow332 to whatever

addie89 0 points 43 points (+43|-0) ago

I feel like he is lying about his height. Im 5'11" and I have never had anyone give me shit for my height.

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Aryan + Asian Alliance Soon submitted by EarlPoncho to Identitarian

addie89 7 points -4 points (+3|-7) ago

Oh but that asian pussy is so nice.

The newest level of hell has been reached submitted by Neo-maxi-zoom-dweeby to videos

addie89 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

If it is the parent's right to raise the child how they want then does that mean it is morally acceptable for parents to poison their children? Have sex with them? Starve them? Confuse their sexual identity? You are riding on a slippery slope there bud.

just keep shopping submitted by TREDDITFIRST to funny

addie89 7 points -3 points (+4|-7) ago I think info is out there if you look beyond MSM.