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Disney / Google / WSJ Attack On PewDiePie Backfiring Spectacularly - Generation Z Now Woke submitted by ZeroPointNow to TheDonald

ZeroPointNow 1 points 24 points (+25|-1) ago


All the kids at my buddy's daughter's school are talking about it - a lot of the parents too. 53 million subscribers is huge, and the guy is a redpilled charismatic who speaks truth. Very dangerous to the MSM.

Jeff Sessions Framed By Deep State To Cover Up Pedogate submitted by Z11Mama to pizzagate

ZeroPointNow 1 points 13 points (+14|-1) ago

Totally disagree - Sessions won't be deterred by the Russia thing...

The DNC blew their wad on Mike Flynn, thinking they'd set a Russian snowball in motion. Unfortunately for the ham-handed Democrats and globalist page boys like John McCain and Marco Rubio, Mike Flynn's departure completely backfired - as it framed the Russia narrative in practical terms. The entire country flushed out the controversy amidst a flurry of MSM propaganda, settling on a consensus view held by anyone with an IQ above double digits;

  • Of course Flynn was going to talk to Russia, he was about to become the National Security Advisor to the United States - and Obama had been aggressively goose-stepping the country towards certain war in Syria over that stupid Saudi-backed pipeline.

  • Of course Trump was going to seek to mend relations with another nuclear superpower.

  • Of course Flynn lying to Mike Pence was a fireable offense.

Flynn was canned for lying to Pence, not talking to Russia.

In a monumental strategic error, the Democrats intertwined their Russian election influence thesis with debunked claims of Mike Flynn malfeasance and ended up killing both narratives - as evidenced by the lack of a special prosecutor, or anyone giving a shit outside of liberal echo chambers.

Moving onto Jeff Sessions and the attempted Pelosi-Franken-Schumer takedown; a few chinks immediately appeared in their cardboard armor. For one, Sessions was a god damn US Senator on the Armed Services Committee, so it's absolutely reasonable that he would meet with the Russian ambassador to conduct business on behalf of the United States. Also, thanks to democrats insisting Sessions recuse himself over any post-election Clinton-related investigations, the general concept of recusal being no big deal was baked into the national psyche, and an ADHD addled America - at least the part that matters, couldn't care less.

Russophobia is now a joke, and the Watergate 2.0 scandal erupting as we speak is yet another nail in the coffin of Democrat credibility.

Sessions is full steam ahead.

As Project Veritas Exposes DisruptJ20 Plot To Cause Inauguration Chaos, Deplorables Out Organizer As Potential #PizzaGate Pedo | Zero Hedge submitted by ZeroPointNow to pizzagate

ZeroPointNow 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago

ZH has been letting me guest-blog for a few weeks, starting with my first article ("Snopes co-founder embezzles $98k, drops weight, leaves fat wife, marries actual whore"). I normally hang my hat at ibankcoin dot com.

I've got a couple of deadman's switches set up, and I'm in great health. =)

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