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ISIS supports Paris attacks: "We are coming to you with Bombs and rifles. Wait for us", submitted: 11/14/2015 12:42:47 AM, 159 points (+160|-1)

Turns out the canadian goverment has a travel warning for the US: the IS goverment is stealing money from canadian travellers., submitted: 11/17/2015 7:14:48 AM, 114 points (+119|-5)

There are no excuses, lazy is lazy., submitted: 12/23/2015 3:36:05 AM, 103 points (+105|-2)

Remember as we get close to Christmas, children's firearm safety is important., submitted: 12/23/2015 4:49:28 AM, 92 points (+95|-3)

Chemical suits stolen in Paris. Authorities warn of possible Muslim chemical attack., submitted: 11/23/2015 3:24:39 PM, 78 points (+85|-7)

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I'm tired of racism being a negative thing., submitted: 11/14/2015 3:06:45 AM, 1 points (+6|-5)

Hostage situation unfolding in France. Gunshot wounds reported., submitted: 11/24/2015 8:50:36 PM, 1 points (+4|-3)

Fucking Tumblr, even their porn is racist, submitted: 12/1/2015 5:18:57 PM, 1 points (+3|-2)

How do you talk about Islam, submitted: 11/14/2015 3:09:35 AM, 4 points (+6|-2)

Think about the positive side of gender studies or minority studies courses., submitted: 11/20/2015 9:37:28 PM, 6 points (+8|-2)

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Terrorist attacks in Paris right now submitted by sunisa to news

Yukonman 17 points 123 points (+140|-17) ago

This is what happens when you let in millions of these immigrants from a terrorist group with no background checks.

72 Year Old Austrian Woman Raped in Her Own Backyard by Muslim Refugee submitted by pandabill to news

Yukonman 2 points 80 points (+82|-2) ago

That's what the Quran says to do. It tells muslim men to rape any infidel women. It's litterally in their religious book.

Got caught shitlording on Facebook. Lost a friend. submitted by Donutday to fatpeoplehate

Yukonman 1 points 80 points (+81|-1) ago

And you want to be friends with this fatty why?

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Theyre Not Americans: CNN Guest Justifies Massive Attacks on Civilians submitted by captainplanet2 to news

Yukonman 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

Then they arnt dropping enough bombs then

Environmental Group Says TPP Would Be Disaster For Climate submitted by iam to news

Yukonman 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

Expect the TPP is one of the greatest trade agreement in the past 20 years. It's going to have great long run benifits for all the countries involved.