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Every... Single... Time, submitted: 1/10/2019 10:26:01 AM, 215 points (+216|-1)

Another Christian Village massacre in Mali - Twice as many dead as Christchurch., submitted: 6/10/2019 6:06:03 PM, 207 points (+207|-0)

Red-pills dropping on the shelves of Tesco UK, submitted: 7/27/2017 1:39:03 PM, 166 points (+166|-0)

A simple message to all - check the validity of something before upvoting and/or sharing content, submitted: 12/6/2018 9:17:12 AM, 159 points (+169|-10)

Further proof/information on Pegasus, submitted: 1/7/2017 12:25:43 AM, 135 points (+137|-2)

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Can you spot the error in this claim from a Jewish man?, submitted: 4/4/2018 10:28:57 PM, -1 points (+2|-3)

A Genderless Society: Women and Children, submitted: 9/18/2019 7:50:53 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

US Census 2010, submitted: 9/11/2019 6:12:27 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Something to look out for regarding COVID-19, submitted: 4/26/2020 7:54:21 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Anyone else feel like we're being intentionally deluged with too much information lately?, submitted: 11/10/2017 9:24:02 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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The irony may just be lost on this harpy submitted by icuntstopswearing to funny

Yuke 0 points 96 points (+96|-0) ago

The world was better when women didn't swear every two seconds.

Kid's Show From NetFlix submitted by dayofthehope to whatever

Yuke 0 points 88 points (+88|-0) ago

Wait. A Nig riding a Glowworm? This is how Glowniggers are made! We've found the factory Helmut! Fire!

Ellen rips up boy's story when he says "The jewish are taking over the world" submitted by Baconmon to videos

Yuke 0 points 80 points (+80|-0) ago

Ah, what a finely crafted piece. Get a little White boy to say bad things about the Jews, in a sketch that makes it a joke that he said "The Jewish are planning to take over the world", because after all, we all know that that idea is just so ridiculous that you just have to laugh along!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Ha ha ha ha ha...

Ha ha ha...


...all the way to the asylum.

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Robber breaks into Scottish man's home and threatens to kill him and his family, man kills him instead. Jury convicts him of culpable homocide submitted by Broc_Lia to politics

Yuke 18 points -15 points (+3|-18) ago

So why not just say where you are from? Where did you once live in the UK (no specifics required) and where do you live now?

When a goat fails to hide power levels. submitted by ExpertShitposter to whatever

Yuke 13 points -11 points (+2|-13) ago

Mental illness episode.

When a goat fails to hide power levels. submitted by ExpertShitposter to whatever

Yuke 11 points -10 points (+1|-11) ago

She's at least 50% more sane than 50% of Voat.