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DAVID SEAMANS Youtube channel deleted?? submitted by MolochHunter to pizzagate

Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt 12 points 46 points (+58|-12) ago

David Seaman is a bit suspicious and deserves a strong degree of skepticism with a slight degree of reluctant support. Not only is he a profiteer from the situation, but he was uninformed on so many connections and related issues to be taken seriously, and he and others seemed to push the narrative a bit too far in the wrong directions almost purposely to make Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption become labeled "dangerous" and "fake news" by being outrageous and more focused on a few narrow targets that could be portrayed as victims.

If he is being genuine and is truly a real victim, then we hope he can provide proof of life and find an outlet to safety. If he is being threatened or forced to do this, then we need to support him regardless of not agreeing with his strategy, but his motives and actions should be seriously questioned as following a suspicious pattern. This all seems to be a setup, and a ruse to shutdown the real story of Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption.

This isn't about David Seaman. This isn't about a pizza place. This isn't about a campaign manager. This is about the key to unlocking the network of Global Criminal Corruption - and the answer sounds strange but it is Racine, Wisconsin - Paul Ryan's home district. Everything is connected, and that is the key to draining the swamp and solving the real puzzle of Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption. Trump cannot take on the world, and even Trump cannot be trusted as he has been tied to those involved for decades. That is why Racine, Wisconsin is the barometer for whether Trump is real or fake - if he does not drain the swamp and connect the dots in Racine to Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption - then he cannot be trusted, is in over his head, or has no intention of draining any swamp.

Hopefully David Seaman is safe and gets the help he needs. This along with the Alex Jones, who also cannot be trusted, and his Friday night speech video removal all seems much too coincidental. The real truth behind Pizzagate is scaring those who are really connected to the system of Global Criminal Corruption that they are playing all their cards and hedging every bet they can, but some have always known the truth. What they are afraid of is Common Global Knowledge of the real news story about what Pizzagate really is - Global Criminal Corruption. This is why they are focused on censorship and population control. They cannot let the masses find out the real truth, or their entire system of lies will fall apart. Pizzagate is real and it isn't about a pizza place - it is about an evil and controlled system of elite societies and the network of Global Criminal Corruption.

Repeat After Me: THE CIA IS EVIL and it is the key to unraveling #pizzagate submitted by party1981 to pizzagate

Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt 0 points 38 points (+38|-0) ago

This is a quality post, and the CIA is just the beginning. The CIA is the Joe Pesci to the mob bosses within the hierarchy of secret societies and evil elite. The entire government is compromised, and very few have actually tried to bring out the truth such as FBIanon. The rest are either involved or complicit to ruining America. Complicity is treasonous and pandemic.

The FBI, DOJ, NSA, DHS and other agencies all play their role in the network of criminal corruption and complicity along with the media, and a large sector of the national, state and local legislative, judicial and executive branches. The real key however is the network of integrated, infiltrated and controlled groups across the board - teamsters, chambers of commerce, service groups, secret societies, schools, media, NGOs, non-profits, churches and foundations. They mix legitimate with illegitimate, real news with fake news, political with criminal, and good with evil.

Every corner of the world and the global network has been compromised, and people need to understand how this directly affects them. This is not a distant and incurable problem. There is a key to unlocking the entire puzzle, and it starts in Racine, Wisconsin - the home district of Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus. They, along with the agencies and authorities at all levels and the media, have all known about these problems nationally, globally and locally in Racine for example for years. They did nothing. They turned their back and allowed the laws and lives and rights of others to be abused.

How did those two boy scout faces, Ryan and Preibus, become the leaders of the establishment along with McCain, Graham, etc. on one side, and Clinton, Kaine, Podesta, Schumer, Frank, Pelosi, Weiner, etc. on the other? There is a reason why. They are a good face to cover up the evil. Now Ashton Kutcher is coming out as another good face to cover up the evil. Bezos, Zuckerberg, Schmidt, Musk, Dorsey, to Jake Tapper. They are good faces covering for evil. The question is whether Trump is just another face covering for evil and making deals behind the scenes to find their Lee Harvey Oswalds and Bin Ladens to take the fall and their Warren Commission and 9/11 Commission to file their fake report for fake history classes. They will try to keep this all abstract and compartmentalized as they did with Pizzagate to narrow the scope to one single pizza shop and a staged gunman.

We need to make this less distant and abstract, and make it real and up close. Every single puzzle piece related to Global Criminal Corruption, Secret Societies and the real pizzagate connects in one way or another back to Racine, Wisconsin. From the Pilgrims Society, Bilderberg and Knights of Pythias to Sustainability and Agenda 21 to pay to play racketeering and fake news, the evidence of criminal corruption in Racine is overwhelming, including direct connections to an astonishing number of secret societies, closed clubs and groups, and global foundations. The investigations into Racine, Wisconsin will show everyone how this is all connected and how it directly affects, threatens and ruins real people's lives on a daily basis.

Who killed Seth Rich? Who killed Paul Wellstone? Who killed JFK? Who killed Andrew Breitbart? Who killed Michael Hastings? Who killed Monica Peterson? Who killed millions and built an entire network of corruption, tyranny and pure evil? Instead of trying to find a shape-shifting boogeyman with no accountability or real change, look at Racine, Wisconsin and begin connecting the dots. The dominoes will all fall from there right up the chain from the city to the state to the nation to the world. The world is so corrupt it must be reverse engineered to undo it.

Ashton Kutcher File submitted by zagreos to pizzagate

Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt 1 points 24 points (+25|-1) ago

His name is Chris. He is a self-absorbed model, actor, and opportunist. He is also a smart, handsome and somewhat cool guy, and he is a hat wearing Freemason and pantsuit wearing Kabbalist. Maybe he is really a good person deep down, and just isn't aware or high enough up yet to understand what role he is playing yet. He was brought into the system, and is in way above his head. He is being used, and is using the system. Now he is partnering with Mark Cuban and John McCain to be a leader of his generation. He has some good ideas and has leveraged things to his advantage along the way, and he is being propped up as Mr. Good Guy for McCain and the others involved, because he is a good face that can help cover up for the real evil and Global Criminal Corruption that is going on behind the scenes. They will arrest as many low and mid levels they can, with a few higher ups, and pat themselves on the back for it. Ashton Kutcher is not going to save the world from the system he benefits from.

Ashton is like Paul Ryan - the boy scout face to put up front while they real crimes are committed out back. Paul Ryan's home district is an epicenter for Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption. If Ashton Kutcher or Donald Trump had any real intentions of draining the swamp, we will see what they will do about holding their own circles of colleagues accountable first, knowing how Hollywood and Racine are both connected to Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption. Racine is also near the home area of Reince Priebus and Scott Walker's Miilwaukee, nearby Obama and Emanuel's Chicago, with ties to Denver, Colorado known for its Freemason ties and Allentown, Pennsylvania another hotbed of corruption close to Penn State University, and other areas around the world such as Haiti, Ghana, Norway, Brazil and more. Racine, Wisconsin serves as a barometer for whether Donald Trump is an actor like Chris is, or willing to change history and solve the bigger puzzle of Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption, or he is just like Chris and only brought in to be the face while they make deals to file bankruptcy and move on under a new plan and name. Let's hope they aren't just the newest crop of lying actors.

3 lowest rated comments:

What We Are Up Against submitted by truthstrangerthanfic to pizzagate

Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

Hello stalker. Don't believe it if you don't want to. Don't research it if you don't want to.

It is all true. But there are shills like you who get off on falsely debunking things you are clueless about. Do you need a link to know about Johnny Gosch or did you debunk that too and he is actually in Hawaii with the other winners from The Running Man?

Your moniker suggests you fuck horses, BTW. Stick to that and leave saving the world to the rest of us.

Trey Gowdy Fights Back Tears As He Warns Anyone Who Interferes With His Child Exploitation Investigation Will Be Forced To Publicly Explain Why They Are Obstructing It submitted by http404 to pizzagate

Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt 10 points -3 points (+7|-10) ago

Trey Gowdy is a puppet doing a show with Chaffetz and Jim Comey. None of them are getting anywhere, it is all a charade. They are slow footing everything. At minimum, we should have had public disclosure of the 650k emails long ago. Robert David Steele, who you may or may not believe but does reveal some important information, stated that both Trey Gowdy and Rand Paul were compromised, implying through Brownstone operations. Steele also stated that Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus and Scott Walker were "road kill" based on upcoming leaks.

If Gowdy, Sessions, Trump, Chaffetz, Jim Jordan, Rand Paul or any others want to prove they will really restore law and order, uphold the law at all levels, and drain the swamp of Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption, they can begin with indictments of officials and their criminal ring of associates in Racine, Wisconsin - Paul Ryan's district. Racine, Wisconsin is the barometer to tell who is really on the side of Good, and who is faking it. Racine is a cesspool, and is the domino that will work better on Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption.

Gowdy and Comey are both liars who are covering up for the corrupt FBI. It is classic Good Cop Bad Cop.

Well sourced PG post that possibly shut down r/pg submitted by Judgejewdy to pizzagate

Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

The comments are what got it shut down. It was getting too close to exposing the truth to too many viewers. Some of the comments were exposing Paul Ryan's district - Racine, Wisconsin.

Complicity and censorship are key to enabling Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption.