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Ethical question submitted by thin_privilege to fatpeoplehate

WestEndGirl 1 points 53 points (+54|-1) ago

I feel like I'm qualified to answer this question. I'm an RN with training in Basic Life Support, Advanced Care Life Support, and even Neonatal/Peds Resuscitation. I've also worked on a bariatric floor back in the day.

Basically this: if they need CPR, they're already dead. In regards to your layperson "duty to rescue", if this is a co-worker/co-worker "relationship", then you have no duty (employers have an understood "duty" to their employees though). As a woman, you're not going to have the upper body strength to give effective chest compressions to a deathfat anyway. If you aren't trained in CPR, then you have a legally legit reason why you can't perform CPR--"ignorance is bliss". Also, making a 9-1-1 call is helpful and doesn't require any contact with the deathfat's body. The morbidly obese have really bad CPR outcomes and usually don't make it back anyway.

Hope that helped!

Ham Trek : The voyage to the fridge submitted by shitpeople-blr to fatpeoplehate

WestEndGirl 0 points 37 points (+37|-0) ago

The Trouble With Triglycerides

Account Deleted By User submitted by fitTeenFucker to fatpeoplehate

WestEndGirl 0 points 33 points (+33|-0) ago

She wants to date for marriage, but being a ham automatically disqualifies her as marriage material.

Besides for the usual disgusting traits of fats in general, fat wives have additional unpleasantness. When fat women get married, they only get fatter as the years go by. When they get pregnant, they put on at least 2x, if not 3x, more than the suggested pregnancy weight of 25-30 lbs. They rarely lose that "baby" weight. They are lazy at keeping up with the toddler/child, so the children are usually out of control. Fat wives are lazy at keeping the house tidy and are usually hoarders, keeping the house cluttered as well as dirty. Fat wives have no energy for fun weekend hiking, camping, or biking trips. They can't be shown off as trophies. Their health bills and XXXL clothing (requiring 3x the fabric, and rightly more expensive) bills will automatically be more expensive than a healthy woman. They aren't gourmet cooks, usually opting to make starchy, unhealthy quick meals to satiate their unceasing appetite. I don't even want to discuss anything that goes on in the bedroom with fat wives--I don't want to lose my breakfast.

I'm usually all in favor of marriage and weddings, but marriage to a fatty is just not worth it.

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Homeschooling submitted by Mamabear90 to TraditionalWives

WestEndGirl 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Hi! I homeschool my 8-yr-old son and 10-yr-old daughter and always have. We have used workbooks in the past, but we have pretty much always done classical education. We use Singapore Math (standards) --highly recommend Singapore. We use lots of materials from Classical Academic Press: Reading and Reasoning, Writing and Rhetoric, Latin for Children, and Well Ordered Language. We use the Story of the World series with the corresponding activity books. The workbooks that we've used in the past were from Seton Press, but we just don't have time for filling out worksheets any more. We do use some of Seton's art history books and history books. I use the Spalding Method too, even though it's super daunting and a lot of work--it's worth it. My kids do copywork. They learn cursive writing. We buy science kits. I read-aloud advanced Classic books to my kids and have them read the Classics themselves too in their entirety (not just excerpts). We've done classical homeschooling co-ops before. We go year-round with breaks for religious holidays/holy days and summer camps.

Helpful tips that I've learned: re-evaluate the materials and activity schedule every year. Get music lessons for your kid. Join co-ops. Take advantage of summer camps to socialize the kid but also give you your own "vacation" from teaching too. Sign them up for sports (husband and I are not sports people, but the exercise and social skills that our kids get are worth it). Take advantage of "vacation Bible school"; they're usually free, and you know your kid is going to learn some good morals. Also don't forget to have fun too! It's easy to get burned out on homeschooling if there isn't a balance of fun for us Moms too.

At this point, my daughter wakes herself up at 6 a.m., eats breakfast while doing her writing, and then tackles everything else that she possibly can while I'm still in the shower or drinking my coffee. She likes to get her work done in a few hours and then have the rest of the day to read, play violin, paint, or work on her calligraphy. My son is usually still laying on the floor when I'm done with my coffee, and sometimes it takes him hours to finish his Math work--but homeschooling works out nicely for him too, because if he wants to waste playtime by dragging out his work, then we have all the time in the world. It's only his own time that he's wasting (to a point, obviously; privileges are taken away if it gets out of hand). He's getting better about doing his work diligently as he gets older though.

I like to re-evaluate our decision to homeschool every year. We're moving soon to an area with nice private schools, and even one with a classical school. However, when I saw that their curriculum was so very similar to our own but with a $10k/yr price tag, I just can't help but re-affirm our homeschooling decision as a prudent, fiscally-responsible choice.


Homeschooling submitted by Mamabear90 to TraditionalWives

WestEndGirl 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

You're welcome! At this point, with a 4-yr-old, you could get the Spalding Method: Writing Road to Reading book and start going through it yourself (my book is all marked up and flagged). You could get some Orton cards (is that what they're called?) or Spalding phonogram cards and start going through the various sounds per alphabet letter. Read-alouds that my kids enjoyed at that age were the Narnia books and Watership Down. I think I bought some preschool general math books from the bookstore at that age just to familiarize them with numbers and counting and writing numbers (nothing extensive). We did a lot of playgroups at that age--which isn't too early to start joining homeschool groups either, considering many states are funding 4K programs now (so other 4-yr-olds are in a school setting already and not on the playground to play with your kid in the morning). You'll figure it all out soon enough--that's half the fun!

I wish you the best in your homeschooling adventure!

I love summer camp time! submitted by WestEndGirl to TraditionalWives

WestEndGirl 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Sounds like you had a nice day!

I like your ideas. Grocery shopping without kids really is the better way to do it. I was thinking too of going shopping for some new, lacy, husband-pleasing underclothes while kid-free. That's something that I really never get to do, being surrounded by kids all day. I'm going to add those two things to my list for tomorrow!