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Q post 4620 is a doozy. Lays out the coup in its recent history and current iteration / extenuation submitted by MolochHunter to GreatAwakening

Wayshuba 1 points 26 points (+27|-1) ago

Most Q Patriots understand everything in that post. What disturbs many, however, is the part about testing limits - i.e., having Governors and Mayors trample the Constitution and see if they will be held accountable and prosecuted under 18 USC 252 - Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.

So some questions many Q Patriots have is if this is all known, and AG Barr is supposed to be a Patriot, and this has now gone on for going on six months now, when will the lawlessness end? When will the Shadow Presidency (Organizing for Action) be put to an end? When will the terrorist groups of Antifa/BLM be crushed like ISIS was? When will the US finally end the miserable existence of Soros who has outright said he is an enemy of the US?

The longer this goes on at this point, the more permanent and lasting damage it is causing. It is time to hold these lawless governors, mayors and other related government appointees responsible for their crimes.

Breaking! Fox News Reporting That Sources Say Adam Schiff is Even More Nervous Because DNI Grenell Will Be Releasing New Documents in the Morning submitted by Qdini to GreatAwakening

Wayshuba 0 points 22 points (+22|-0) ago

Even as Shifty Schiff STILL claims today that Trump worked with Russia.

This is truly the sign of a man who has lost it. Guess when you know you are about to face your reckoning day for your crimes it can make you a bit stupid.

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Texas AG slams decision to jail salon owner: 'Feels more like China than US' submitted by HappyMealBullshit to news

Wayshuba 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

You may want to talk with your Governor about his unconstitutional orders that created China in the US.

Get That Beeotch ! Michigan House, Senate Sue Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over State of Emergency Extension submitted by rickki6 to GreatAwakening

Wayshuba 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

While both the Senate and House in Michigan have a Republican majority, they do not have enough to impeach as most Democrats are going to support her.