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Skippy's twitter - LATEST! Someone has responded with Chandler's 'Epstein Tunnels' pics. WOKE! submitted by millennial_vulcan to pizzagate

VoatisCIA 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago

Great post!!! Fucking upvoat the shit outta it!!!!!!! This post clearly portrays skippys current state on social media: completely destroyed! The entire thread is his PizzaGate exposure! It would be awful to see that same anti pedo attention break off and get funneled to pedo rob Reiners twitter feed......

Roman Polanski Sexually Assaulted Me When I was 10, The Academy Must Kick Him Out! 5 of his rape victims speak out! submitted by VoatisCIA to pizzagate

VoatisCIA 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago

Fuck Streep! Fuck Oprah! FUCK THEM ALL......!! #SHEKNEW Remember when PETA used to attack Hollywood celebs that wore fur with throwing paint at them?? Time to bring out a 5gal. can of VOMMIT to throw at them on the red carpet!!

Time To Investigate John Legend submitted by PrideOfOshtekk to pizzagate

VoatisCIA 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago

Chrissy Teigen Gets Extreme-Right Twitter Account Unverified Over ‘Pedophile’ Accusations

"Chrissy Teigen and John Legend went H.A.M. on an extreme right-winger who suggested the couple was running a pedophilia ring and trafficking their daughter … and it ended with Twitter taking away the user’s coveted blue checkmark.

It all started Saturday night when Liz Crokin — a former “verified” political conspiracy theorist — posted photos of Teigen and Legend’s daughter and said, “Chrissy’s Teigen’s daughter dressed as a hot dog, Alice in Wonderland, and a pineapple but not pizza emoji #followthewhiterabbit #qanon #thestorm.”

The mention of “Qanon” is a conspiracy theory by the alt-right that the Democratic Party is wholly involved in a child sex-trafficking ring.

Teigen immediately lashed back and also called out Twitter for allowing Crokin to be verified.

christine teigen ✔ @chrissyteigen Yeah yeah it’s “just Twitter” but I’m pretty sure this sick person is saying we are darksided pizzagate pedophiles who traffic our daughter. Ummmmm this is really scary shit. 1:41 PM - Dec 30, 2017 355 355 Replies 631 631 Retweets 15,114 15,114 likes Twitter Ads info and privacy

christine teigen ✔ @chrissyteigen Thank you, Twitter, for verifying somebody who is esentially accusing me (with pictures of my daughter) of child abuse and pedophilia to their 50,000 followers. 1:50 PM - Dec 30, 2017 1,069 1,069 Replies 3,836 3,836 Retweets 43,342 43,342 likes Twitter Ads info and privacy Crokin responded “Chrissy you run in circle with people who rape, torture & traffic kids. This is a fact, I expose sex trafficking for a living.”

Teigen demanded an apology and tweeted “anyone know any good lawyers?” John Legend also got involved, saying “You need to take my family’s name out of your mouth before you get sued.”

Less than one hour later, Crokin confirmed Twitter had taken away her verification checkmark.

Teigen capped off the online war by thanking Twitter for rectifying the situation.

LIZ THE🌪IS HERE‼️🍕 @LizCrokin Twitter just unverified my account thanks to @chrissyteigen

That's OK cuz I care more about saving kids than I do about a blue checkmark! 5:37 PM - Dec 30, 2017 1,167 1,167 Replies 886 886 Retweets 3,466 3,466 likes Twitter Ads info and privacy It’s unclear if Teigen and Legend are going to take any real legal action, or if getting Crokin’s verification taken away will be punishment enough."

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PEDO Joe Biden Had Secret Surgery To 'Cure' Pedophilia submitted by VoatisCIA to pizzagate

VoatisCIA 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

You again. I'm posting only the goods. You dissed my last post about David Seaman's breaking news on the indictments and legion of white hats that dismantled the Cabal!? You don't know jack shit faggot!!

RULES DISCUSSION submitted by kevdude to pizzagate

VoatisCIA 8 points -7 points (+1|-8) ago

No FACTS are going to come from Qanon- 2 days ago was exposed as a completely and utter fraud!! By @0hour1 on twitter

Account Deleted By User submitted by migratorypatterns to pizzagate

VoatisCIA 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago

QAnon had be outed as a fraud!!!! By @0hour1 on twitter!!!