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Game Over: Alefantis' Properties (CP, Transformer and Pegasus Museums Perfectly Align with Newly Discovered Tunnels! submitted by quantokitty to pizzagate

Vindicator 1 points 117 points (+118|-1) ago

Just want to chime in here, Quantokitty, that you've had done a great job making these posts, supporting them with evidence and asking questions. This is exactly what this board is for. Kudos!

I've found hidden data in one of the Podesta email images, but I dont know the password! HELP!!! [Steganography] submitted by TheUltimateDebate to pizzagate

Vindicator 2 points 86 points (+88|-2) ago

@PleadingtheYiff @DarkMath @Ideliverpizza You know what popped into my brain when I saw this image? FBIanon talking about paying attention to THE CARDS.

EPSTEIN, Nicole Junkermann, the Red Cross and the VATICAN connections submitted by letsdothis3 to pizzagate

Vindicator 0 points 61 points (+61|-0) ago

Giving this the "IMPORTANT" flair, since someone is DDoSing Voat focusing on this URL. :-)

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"Walnut Sauce" Email Revisted submitted by Psalm144-1 to pizzagate

Vindicator 11 points -10 points (+1|-11) ago

@Psalm144-1: While this thread should probably be removed per Rule 1, I am giving it the "Possible Disinfo" flair since you are pushing a completely evidence-free theory that has been incessantly flogged by shills. Adrenochrome is made up. No one has ever proposed a scientific explanation for how it could possibly work.

Furthermore, walnut sauce is an easily researched genuine Sicilian recipe which any retard can look up on the internet. The users of this subverse have never "unanimously agreed" it was ever anything else. This is a CTR/Shareblue narrative to make the real food code actually found in Podesta's emails look silly by association.

I've added a new rule to reflect the Voat User Agreement. Please share your thoughts. submitted by Vindicator to pizzagatemods

Vindicator 13 points -10 points (+3|-13) ago

Well, the UA simultaneously, in the same clause, states "Respect Other Users" and this "is not intended to abridge the fair use or the expressive rights shared by us all."

One could argue that colorful language and insults fall under "expressive rights" and usually don't rise to the level of abusing the Comment section to derail submissions. I would say it's a matter of degree. If someone stalks you and shits up all or a majority of posts you make so that you can't submit research in this subverse, then they should face consequences. Likewise if they subvert Voat's inbuilt safeguard against this -- downvotes -- by using multiple alt accounts to derail submissions.

Under a Comment Abuse rule, I would warn and then ban any account who could be shown to be doing that.

I've added a new rule to reflect the Voat User Agreement. Please share your thoughts. submitted by Vindicator to pizzagatemods

Vindicator 14 points -10 points (+4|-14) ago

Fake news as usual Piscina. We've been below 30 people on the board ever since Putt closed Voat to non-subscribers. We went from between 90 and 300 people depending on time of day, down to between 11 and 30. That's been ever since LDT3's post about Junkermann got us DDoS a couple of months ago.

Keep trying, though. Maybe one of these days you'll get some traction.