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Is James Alefantis A Rothschild? submitted by 30O to pizzagate

VieBleu 0 points 34 points (+34|-0) ago


you guys, you saw right that a Rothschild owned/sold him? one of his houses right? on this You Tube look at 1:16

3334 "N" street, NW Washington DC, 20007 is an address where JA had a voter registration. owned by Brock and a R**** Rothschild, relatives of K, S, K, I, and A Rothschild @30O should you incorporate this info in your post?

Edit to add the direct link to the video -

PizzaGate makes the local Philadelphia news submitted by PizzaGateHowie to pizzagate

VieBleu 2 points 34 points (+36|-2) ago

I salute your brave soul. You came off very well in the interview. Despite his bias, you must have impressed the reporter, because he was slightly fair to you. Brave man, compassionate soul - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If anyone is in Howie's area, consider joining his protest - Anonymous spread the word about Scientology for years with small groups of activists in local actions.

deleted by user submitted by MatchboxMeglet to pizzagate

VieBleu 0 points 32 points (+32|-0) ago

Their Reasoning - you can't attack something that is shut down.

You can't remove someone from a position that no longer exists.

You can't trace relationships that no longer stand.

You can't trace money through partnerships that are no longer valid.

You can't bankrupt an entity that has no open coffers.

You can't follow a papertrail when the paperwork is all destroyed.

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Huge Instagram Pedophilia Subculture - MEGATHREAD submitted by gardenofbacchus to pizzagate

VieBleu 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

Ignore this line of comments! not me.

Huge Instagram Pedophilia Subculture - MEGATHREAD submitted by gardenofbacchus to pizzagate

VieBleu 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

For the record, in the most respectable way, for all viewers here -

you suck.

EDIT: Sorry, this was not me. Someone at my house objects to my interest in this research and trolled me.

By Popular Demand: Proposed improvements to v/pizzagate submitted by Vindicator to pizzagate

VieBleu 10 points -6 points (+4|-10) ago


Aside from being all over this thread, calling me a liar, that I've poisoned the subforum, intended to misinform etc, and constant villifying me, I get weird mentions like this in my inbox -, I had another one thread sent to me by Kevdude two days ago with a headline simply calling me a cunt, something about my children all being killed, or maybe that was the one before, etc from out of nowhere (no prior discussion to generate it). I have tried to just not answer the person, then I get villified for that. I cannot have an exchange without that one becoming insulting usually either eviolently or vilely - Usually I have ignored all this stuff - its been ongoing for months - as you are supposed to be here with a thick skin. I started a pizzagatewhatever community discussion here and here when I was directed to by a mod, who I asked what is the proceedure for getting things stickied for a vote. so we had a vote and generated several issues of importance, which was the genisis of this sticky. yes I crusaded for the CCP idea and we have finally gotten to the bottom of site mechanics and done some testing. We all understand it better now because I asked FuzzyWords and her clear cut explanations helped more than anything else we'd been told. I think all of this could have been avoided if a community announcement had been made on this subforum at the time the CCP restriction was changed. The whole issue is obviuosly of genuine interest to the community, not just me, but I am villified again and again. To paraphrase the Elephant Man, "I am not an Amalek!"

So below is the comment I left on the weird Anonymous thread. Everyone has a tipping point, and after months and especially the last few days, this felt like stalking and this was it. I was just going to cry, answer it and leave it, but something tells me I should show it to everyone. There is something about a predator type isolating a target for further abuse which is a trap I don't want to allow. So the question to the whole place is this - I have had exactly one account and one name on this subverse since I started last December. I know this community knows I am not a multiple liar, an intentional mis- and dis- information spreader, someone who works to cripple/poison/isolate the pizzagate subverse, an investigation derailer, paranoid, dense, ignorant, stupid, a cunt etc Because I have been called all this and more by only one individual on this thread within the last 48 hours who I have not even been in a discussion with. Yeah, it's his right, but I'm asking now can he be asked by anyone he respects to lay off? Anything? Do I have to endure consistent abuse to try to get some positive change on an internet forum that is supposed to help child abuse victims? Do we really want to be a group that has a Punisher In Chief who doesn't even contribute in any visibly significant way to the investigation? Millenial_Falcon is taking a lot of heat from the community, but some heat needs to be turned up on this behavior too - I feel it is way more toxic and poisonous to our efforts than anything I contribute. Edit: Here is an example of the kind of material I contribute - I have seen another comment on this thread saying the males beat up on the women here, if you want it I'll search through, it's here. Other people have called for more civility. We need to find it somehow. Thanks for hearing me out, all of you.

My answer to this thread that pinged my inbox

All I can say is I genuinley wanted the 100 CCP thing back as it was at the beginning, and I represented the majority of the community who felt the same way.

It took the discussion sticky to really work out to everyone's true understanding what was going on. @FuzzyWords explanations were far more detailed than anything I or anyone else had been told about the issue. I highlighted the explanations in posts to the sticky so anyone who reads my comments could see them.

I think it was a good idea to explore the issue so thoroughly which is what putting it up in the sticky is all about. It was not a waste of time. I still think the CCP thing should be implemented, and then it would corral the vote farming accounts and they could be more easily watched.

I don't think the communication about how the site works is strong enough or wasn't on this issue.

The short conversation I had with you KevDude months ago was not of this depth. If you want to debate that, then show the conversation. We did talk about v/all and I started watching it - I literally never saw pizzagate posts on there. For me, our conversation was not convincing.

I don't answer or ping you because everytime I try to speak with you, you insult me. You ask for "open debate" then use it as an opportunity to insult me every single time, no matter what I say. I am in a lot of emotional pain right now already because I have problems in my family. I really am only human and honestly I am crying as I type this because I feel so beat up.

Please stop demonizing me. I try hard to do right and I have worked very hard over the months. I am asking you to please stop calling me cunt and singling me out.

You might notice that the reason we actually have the sticky is because I tried to get some good changes done, I asked Vindicator how to proceed and followed her directions - the pizzagatewhatever post had all the suggestions currently up in this sticky besides the CCP thing, and they were culled from the communitystarting with my effort. I have been a catalyst for changes and this sticky which hopefully will make the subforum better.

Please don't beat me up again here. Honestly just a friendly word would make a lot of difference. I thought about who I could talk to about feeling harrassed, Vindicator, VictorSteinerD etc, but the reality is the only thing I can do is tell you honestly how I feel and it is really beat up specifically by you and only you, over and over again, for trying to use the mechanics of the site the way I'm directed to do so.. That's it I guess.

@VictorSteinerDavion, @kingkongwaswrong, @Vindicator, @cantsleepawink, @quantokitty, @Honeybee, @The1stLantern, @Millennial_Falcon, @ESOTERICshade, @votescam, @AngB23, @argosciv, @equineluvr, @SecondAmendment, @badastrid, @darkknight111, @Dressage2, @Factfinder2, @2impendingdoom, @4_InquiringMinds, @DerivaUK, @sunajAeon, @UnicornandSparkles, @Judgejewdy, @carmencita

Edit -Note this post does not belong in pizzagatemods as @KevDude claims he is not a mod in this thread -

EDIT: I am not a liar. I have never even deleted a comment on voat. I am as transparent as it is possible to be. I can get the other comment too if I have to dig that one up, starting with calling me cunt. It was deleted after several hours from pizzagatemods 4 days ago when I didn't bite.

There has been a request to focus on the "children killing" comment in my post. Below is what I was referring to. This is just par usual, and during the conversation it was very clear I was talking to an alt of KevDude - he came to the subverse when I kicked up a stink about all the archived accounts littering the front page, which got it fixed btw. He was civil for two minutes then lapsed into his usual abuse. Since he is denying this so vehemently I put it here, but it is not the main problem. If this is all he'd done, that'd be fine. Its just the continual slander and the campaign that needs to stop. He won't acknowledge his behavior, and it was his campaign that caused that weird anonymous thread in my inbox either directly or indirectly.

He will of course deny it, then call me the liar. I don't care. This isn't the biggest deal by any means, just one of the things that came to mind when I was writing this stuff up.

**[–] MrPim -2 points (+0|-2) 1 month ago

You mean like Reading The Rest Of Voat On A Semi Regular Basis You Fucking Ignorant Piece Of Shit. Go back to Reddit. Oh wait. You Cant. Because they kicked your sorry ass out for being a cretin.

So you might take two god damned mi ites out of your day to look around at Voat. Who have been kind enough to host your mostly delusional bullshit. Take thise two mi utes to look around andknow what is going on your Hosts. Those who are giving this party. Insteax of making retarded accusations about shit showi g up thats old.

God damn. I hope all of your childeren, and their chdren are raped by record producing Jews. Youre that dumb, nothing will be lost. Go die back at reddit you worthless piece of shit cock sucki g cunt.

In short, die. No one will ever miss you. Not even your children**

/\/\/\/\ This is classic KevDude, known by his signature racial hate. Here is the other one lately, from pizzagatemods

@VieBleu you fucking cunt. LYING about one of the owners of PG in your big post to get us to change things suggests that you have ulterior motives for your proposed changes. (

submitted 4 days ago by [deleted] to pizzagatemods