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Account Deleted By User submitted by coinphrase to whatever

Veritas__Aequitas 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago

Patton was killed on orders of Bill Donovan, the father of American intelligence who was a Knight of Malta serving the Jesuit Papacy.

Account Deleted By User submitted by BushIsAJew to politics

Veritas__Aequitas 6 points 7 points (+13|-6) ago

This is boundlessly retarded and ignorant. White Protestants fled Europe to escape persecution from the counter-Reformation and Jesuit-controlled Anglican church.

The civil war had absolutely nothing to do with Jews.

Whites, by and large, never condoned or practices slavery which was antithetical to their Protestant work ethic and their self sovereignty

"Whites?" The white race is not a monolithic institution; away with your liberalist racial generalization.

The bible was cited as the primary moral pillar for southern slavery. The curse of Ham, for example. This is basic antebellum history.

That is not to say however that southerners imported slaves from Africa. The South, specifically the state of Virginia, was the first state to outlaw the slave trade, and the colonies had never desired the trade in the first place. Jefferson made this clear in the original draft of the declaration of independence.

Account Deleted By User submitted by DesertFox33 to politics

Veritas__Aequitas 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

Hitler developed his politcal antisemitism from Karl Lueger, mayor of Vienna, where the Jesuits ruled with an iron fist very much throughout the mid-late the 19th century. Karl Lueger and his Christian Social Party took cues directly from the Jesuits and their Civilta Cattolica journal.

In 1909, Hitler visited Vienna to "study the Jewish problem" under the guidance of the zealot Roman Catholic Karl Lueger. Lueger was Vienna's mayor. He was also leader of the "rabidly anti-Semitic" Christian Social Party.[39][40] Hitler greatly admired Lueger. His first anti-Semitic pamphlets were published by the Christian Socialists which reprinted several articles from La Civiltà Cattolica.[41][42] Lapide (1967) suggests Hitler may have been influenced by "La Civiltà Cattolica".[41] In 1914 the journal described Jews as drinking blood as if it was milk in the context of killing Christian children.[43] Der Stürmer printed a special edition dedicated to "Jewish ritual murder" which included extensive quotations from "La Civiltà Cattolica"."[44]

“I can see Himmler as our Ignatius of Loyola”

  • Adolf Hitler: “Libres propos” (Flammarion, Paris 1952, p.164)

Hitler's Mein Kampf was written by a Catholic priest named Stempfle.

Thus the Jesuits having created the Jewish question psy-op, would later author what came to be known as the final answer to the Jewish question in Europe.

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Account Deleted By User submitted by KeepGoingRight to ProtectVoat

Veritas__Aequitas 13 points -10 points (+3|-13) ago

Your comment was "(((Catholic)))" so I banned you for making such a retarded remark. Go fuck yourself moron.

Account Deleted By User submitted by KeepGoingRight to ProtectVoat

Veritas__Aequitas 11 points -8 points (+3|-11) ago

Fuck you I am a fascist and I will ban all retarded shits like you from my realm. The only rule is use common sense which you failed to do.

Friendly reminder, both sides are subservient to the same Jew World Order. submitted by GlassSmith to politics

Veritas__Aequitas 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

The leadership of both political parties is controlled by the Jesuit papacy. The largest single religious demographic in congress is the Roman Catholics. Sources below for you shit pilled faggots. Get on my level.
Trump and Clinton both met in private with Archbishop of New York during election.
Presidential Debates are Jesuit Knight of Malta controlled.