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Texas judge orders young man to marry girlfriend and write Bible verses to avoid jail time, submitted: 8/7/2015 10:39:39 PM, 413 points (+427|-14)

Satan is a hilarious jerk, submitted: 7/29/2015 7:19:19 PM, 386 points (+396|-10)

Christie blasts Edward Snowden as a 'piece of garbage', submitted: 7/23/2015 9:02:07 PM, 279 points (+284|-5)

Welsh government responds in Klingon to UFO airport query - BBC News, submitted: 7/14/2015 12:06:25 AM, 39 points (+39|-0)

Army tells recruiters to treat armed civilians as security risk (USA), submitted: 7/23/2015 8:49:49 PM, 32 points (+32|-0)

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Shugo Tokumaru - Katachi [Cool music video even better music], submitted: 7/9/2015 4:14:30 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

'Hacking Team' Gets Hacked! 500GB of Data Dumped Over the Internet, submitted: 7/9/2015 5:24:11 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

'Hacking Team' Gets Hacked! 500GB of Data Dumped Over the Internet, submitted: 7/9/2015 5:24:44 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Hacking Team Emails Expose Proposed Death Squad Deal, Secret UK Sales Push, and Much More - The Intercept, submitted: 7/9/2015 7:19:06 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Found footage of the Dentist that Shot the Lion. Sadistic Jerk. , submitted: 7/29/2015 8:00:24 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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Texas judge orders young man to marry girlfriend and write Bible verses to avoid jail time submitted by Vagilante to news

Vagilante 6 points 107 points (+113|-6) ago

Fucking shit, Texas?! For just ONCE can you not make us all look like backwater idiots?

EDIT: Yes, I know the title is click bate-y....I just used the auto title feature when submitting the link, it's not my own.

deleted by user submitted by United_States_Gov to politics

Vagilante 4 points 31 points (+35|-4) ago

Feminist here and I can't wait for this doc. I'm right there with her. Equal rights means equal for men and women. Fathers and mothers. It's not about letting women get the upper hand because we're somehow "owed" something more to make up for past grievances. I would really like to hear what MRA's have to say that aren't the stereotype you read about online or the MH'ers that have nothing to say but insist that typing in all caps makes them right. ugh. Even just watching the trailer I understood some of the pain they felt. Especially when it comes to domestic disputes and courts. Men are really poorly treated. My BF's ex is a wretch of a woman but she gets custody even though we make bank, live in a great neighborhood literally blocks from the best school in the city with access to all sorts of activities etc. But apparently her pussy and her shit trailer are more than enough reason to mark her a star mom. fuck the bullshit. Equality is about everyone.

Christie blasts Edward Snowden as a 'piece of garbage' submitted by Vagilante to news

Vagilante 0 points 25 points (+25|-0) ago

I thought the same thing when I read that. Like he has a problem with reporting civil liberties violations but not the violations themselves.

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Active Shooter in San Bernadino right now submitted by Darth_Shitlord to news

Vagilante 6 points -4 points (+2|-6) ago

Yep. Stupid white guys. Sorry, dude. Police are looking for 3 white males

Muslim refugee, 20, raped a 10-year-old boy in his bedroom and claimed 'it was culturally acceptable to sexually assault children in his homeland' submitted by BOARDSISGREAT to news

Vagilante 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Anyone that rapes children has a fucked up ideology. Christians rape children all the time too. Catholics? You betcha! Jews? Sure they do it too! It really has nothing to do with his religion. Just another sicko trying to get off legally and sexually I guess you just missed history class all together so it's ok. If you're in america I'll just blame your shit education system.