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RUTH BADER GINSBURG JUST DIED submitted by AndWhitesLetItHappen to news

VAT 3 points 118 points (+121|-3) ago


The gentlemens agreement of 1960s by DEMOCRATS to not post a SCOTUS in last year of presidency is only if a president IS NOT RUNNING for re-election.

Use "nuclear option" senate rule to ram replacement in, and force majority vote, and also avoid a female backstabber at all costs or the nation is lost.

TRUMP IS RUNNING! Therefore he can and should replace her NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW

Mr. Fuck around, threw a Molotov at the shooter before finding out. submitted by Inflatablecat to news

VAT 4 points 97 points (+101|-4) ago

Sheriffs on this video profusely THANK the shooter (Kyle Rittonhouse, age 17 from Antioch, Illinois) for his service protecting that corner, and Sheriffs on this video even give Kyle Rittonhouse cold bottle of water after offering it to him in appreciation for him using his rifle to watch out for Antifa after curfew! WATCH!:

60 minutes prior, the County Sheriffs Dept LOUDLY inform Kyle Rittonhouse that "We TRULY APPRECIATE YOU GUYS, We Really Do!"

Details for people just logging into voat and waking up on the 4 Antifa shot each trying to assault an armed patriot 17 year old:

Kenosha WI 2020-08-25 22:03:48 Central time

BULLET HEAD SHOT!! Video showing BEFORE AND AFTER head shot of Antifa , Kenosha WI 2020-08-25 22:03:48 Central Time

Antifa dying thug first recently threw large bricks and lit molotovs at armed guard Patriot White Boogaloo (Kyle Rittonhouse)!

a third angle of first scene : showing ARMED antifa mob surrounding white rifleman Kyle Rittonhouse on all sides :


before head shot, antifa with head shot threw brick chunks at the 17 year old Kyle Rittonhouse, and then antifa threw this lit molotov cocktail then kept chasing:

THREE MORE SOY BOYS SHOT by the same rifle!!!:

arm vaporized:

arm vaporized aftermath vid:

arm vaporized guy SHOWN WITH HIS LOADED ANTIFA gun supplied by George Soros!:

brain mulched:

Antifa thug daring Patriots to shoot :

Antifa head-shot-boy blood seen on his BACK :

Antifa head-shot-boy being loaded into car for hospital :

Oldest video before the shootings : Antifa ENRAGED at armed White Patriots with rifles :

Older video before the shootings : Antifa ignoring pleas of armed White Patriots with rifles :

Older video before the shootings : BLM /Antifa throwing rocks at armed white homeowners with laser sighted rifles!:

Play by play of the three soy boys shot : :

A guy in white pants tries to kick the shooter in the face, but he has to abort because the shooter shot right where he would have been had he followed through. Someone comes in from the left side of the frame with a skateboard and is about to hit him with the skateboard when he is shot in mid-swing and his swing falters and he takes a few steps and falls face down, possibly instant fatality. Someone in shorts is charging in from the right when he sees the shooter has a bead on him and he puts up his hands. Then he sees that the shooter is working the bolt, possibly to eject a bad cartridge, and begins to dive at the shooter, who recovers and shoots the attacker, apparently in the face. The guy in shorts runs off back the way he came, yelling "Medic!" Then after that it's hard to tell who is shooting, but there is definitely some sort of crossfire. At the end you see a cop in a firing stance moving towards where the shooting occurred

Kyle Rittonhouse's fifteen year old looking face in still image (17yo according to reports) :

fifteen year old looking face in moving image saying "I Just Shot Someone" then fleeing :

(yes, the Boogaloo kid brought a turned on cellphone spy tracking device into a riot zone! And made a call! And said "I just shot somebody" upon the call)

Kyle Rittonhouse according to Antifa and Democrat Party operatives with face searching access:

Democrat Party operatives now say Kyle Rittonhouse calls himself Kyle Lewis online, and is 17, and from Antioch, Illinois.

Kyle Lewis (Kyle Rittonhouse), age 17 was the rifleman who shot the 4 attackers!

If Kyle Rittonhouse is that young, SCOTUS recent rulings may force him to be let go at age 21, no matter what the original sentence.

If Kyle Rittonhouse is that young, it is doubtful his political education and leanings extend past center-right Boogaloo chaos lords.

Boogaloo hate Antifa, and HATE the hard-Left.

60 minutes prior, the County Sheriffs Dept LOUDLY inform Kyle Rittonhouse that "We TRULY APPRECIATE YOU GUYS, We Really Do!"

Country Sheriffs Dept give Kyle Rittonhouse bottles of cold water as reward for looking out for Antifa with his rifle. They tell him how much they appreciate Kyle Rittonhouse.

WATCH!! Its True:

If he is that young, he was hoping to shoot someone truly attacking him, and he got 4 that tried to assault him out of 4.

The Sheriffs condone it, because he was an armed volunteer citizen protecting the town.

And do not forget, for each of the 4 he shot, They attacked him FIRST.

Maybe Kyle Lewis (Kyle Rittonhouse) is not the "Hero We Want, but the Hero We Need".

Would you date her? submitted by broknspyrrI to videos

VAT 0 points 64 points (+64|-0) ago

No! And not because she claims to be Jewish, or her ugly nose, as seen in the video.

I would not date he because of her odd jew smell, proven by scientists.

Jewish Women, to all humans, even jewish men, smell LEAST attractive in double-blind science tests based on rating and ranking soiled cotton t-Shirt undergarments.

No one knows why, but jew females give off "your sister" smell mammal repellent , and are unwholesome to consider fucking.

All males excreting enough testosterone, have undergarments attractive to all females, even male jews undergarments, but the more genetic similarities to a females 6 core immune system markers used in organ tissue matching, the more familial, the more "smells like a brother" ... then the LEAST attractive the man. Too much genetic similarity.

Mammals , especially female hominids, seek out interloper invader sperm, invading the hominid troop, not just in Pan troglodytes, but ALL apes, lions, most mammals with colonies, etc. The females fuck highest testosterone virile temporary invader, so long as the females can use local pair bonding with a cuckolded male to raise and provide for the bastard.

The famed 'fun fact' reiteration of the above :


FUN FACT #873 : Humans have about 6 chemical signature markers to prevent attraction to siblings, yet ironically, a non jew ranks a sweaty shirt worn by a female jew as LOWEST in sniff sex attraction tests!

Some scientists think it could be lifestyle related (herbs, garlic, unknown), but it is a FACT : JEWISH WOMEN UNDERGARMENTS are rated LEAST ATTRACTIVE SMELL to all men, in many studies.

Most mammals have various anti-attraction chemical pheromone-like chemical markers. Its a freak of nature that human jew females trigger all males to stay away.

The "jew repellent" is discovered whenever smell attraction tests are performed on groups, then the fact shoah'ed. :

The author and her jewish face violently repelled men with her double-blind sweat odor test, but large papers also concur. She , Mandy, wrote with shock :

"The vast majority of smell daters sniffed me, and passed"
Her ✡ face (hidden from odor test subjects) :

The germans knew of this subtle jew smell and wrote about it , then book publisher got executed by allies for this WW2 era german book : “Der Giftpilz,” a children's book published by Julius Streicher. Julius Streicher was executed by (((allies))) in 1946 for being editer of "Der Stürmer", a publication that enraged Jews. In the book it stated :

"Jews often have an unpleasant sweetish odor. If you have a good nose, you can smell the Jews."

Read it yourself from that book that got the editor executed (Crimes Against Humanity as a Book Publisher!) for printing the truth on Jew Smell :

When you are executed for printing childrens books, you know you are over the target.

JEW SMELL IS HISTORIC to many science papers :

And modern 21st century science tests confirm this... for female jews.

By the way , in the 1700s, scientists called the smell of the Jew : ..

foetor judaicus

in journals on Jewish detectable body odors. "Foetor Judaicus" :

Also nonfiction treatises : Foetor Judaicus (The Other Jewish Question) (Jay Geller):

archived :

In the periodical Forschungen fur Judenfrage (Researches on the Jewish Problem), Baron Otmar von Verschuer wrote, “It has also been claimed by various sources that the Jews are characterized by a particular ‘racial scent’ "

Science ruled out Jewish cuisine (incessant cabbage and garlic farts wafting from their anus), and focus on t-shirt garment tests.

I wonder if for 5 days a month a Jewess smell is semi-attractive or not? Ovulation trigger smell along lower stomach skin.

According to research published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, women are actually most attractive to men when they're at their most fertile due to a special scent released by the body:

When women are at their most fertile time of the month, they SMELL BETTER to men:

Even strippers get up to 50% as much extra tip money when ovulating over a 5 day range.

Ovulating Strippers Make Bigger Tips:

But though THOSE science papers get to be mentioned in Scientific American, the WELL PROVEN FACT THAT JEWS SMELL UNFUCKABLE will never be printed often in (((media))) nor in ((academia))).

The fact regarding Jew Women odor repulsing men is shoahed, despite trivially proven again and again in studies.


1999: "The Evolution of Mating Preferences and Major Histocompatibility Complex Genes":

TL/DR: For a non-jew, The female jewess' body smell would put you off. Science concurs. Recent science research papers, and past science papers all concur.

3 lowest rated comments:

You're my cutie-pie submitted by Reverse-Flash to aww

VAT 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

The chinese would eat it

Nahhhh, most moths are incredibly bitter to mammals. Allegedly chinese people are also mammals.

The largest and most sedentary moths in end-stage reproduction, especially white ones that stick out at dusk to bat predators, are the most bitter tasting.

Bitter light colored large moths also fly in straight patterns and conserve energy, unafraid of bats and birds.

Lysenkoism -- What happens when the government enforces pseudoscience? submitted by killer7 to science

VAT 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago


That video omits the fact that epigenetics is now real, and DNA in egg cells and in sperm can send a showrt live message one, to four generations deep, to offspring, using histone bodies attached to DNA like light switches.

Its now the hottest field in genetics and guess whos papers predicted it and codified it first, guess... it was LYSENKO !!!

Jews in the west smear this man, but he had a couple, not many, but a couple, novel and profound theories, now proven correct and the opposite of mendel.

Epigenetics is now 100% real and this idiotic video tries to relentlessly denounce Epigenetics.

Was Lysenko 95% wrong most of the time? Sure... but he still was correct on things denounced by the jews in the west for many decades to follow.

Is the movie Birth of a Nation the most villified movie no living person has seen today? submitted by One-Way_Bus to movies

VAT 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Disney's Song of the South!

The top 5 most famous Disney song in history of songs, ZipaDeeDooDah is from that charming film.

100% vilified and its actually 100% pro Black, except for one mini scene depicting a doll made out of tar called a tar baby, whome is a passive object in the scene. In 1946 it won 2 oscars. Even the main actor, a negro, Uncle Remus won a special oscar.

It portrays NON SLAVE sharecroppers, long after civil war, working happily alongside poor white share croppers, and no racism at all in that disney top 5 selling movie the year it came out.

Disney banned copies of it since 1978 or so.

A duplicated 35mm master copy print was generated in 2020 for film historians and is on Usenet.

group : alt.binaries.xylo and alt.binaries.goonies

subject= afb0414f8e2343398ae4c4c4457568cb


first file : afb0414f8e2343398ae4c4c4457568cb.part01.rar

over 13 gigabyte 1080p hidef

Why is is banned? Its 100% charming and sweet, but niggers erroneously think all black rural Georgians must be slaves and because these blacks are happy, happy slaves are propaganda!


The black cook is lauded as the most talented chef in the county

The old Uncle Remus is also likewise treated as a saint in the movie.

All the niggers are much nicer than the vile whiteys in the movie that pick on boys, try to drown (yes drown) their sisters puppy, and other evil things whiteys do.

That movie is more vilified than Birth of a Nation.

Anyone can find and buy Birth of a Nation. No-one can ever find Song of the South in HiDef

(I told you how to find a film historian perfect print).

That movie is the most shoahed and banned movie known that was a top 100 film, and it was in fact a top 5 film that year!

Proof of Top 5 sales (enable javascript) :
See? 5th place us domestic sales! : 351.7 million dollars (adj) is 5th place sales.

Disney 4 times in history announced it will NEVER let Song of the South ever exist or be shown anywhere because it somehow upsets black people.

Black people rage at the wrong things.