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Anthony Weiner CRIES when SENTENCED 6 HOURS AGO to 21 Months in Prison, Surrender iPhone, Pay 350,000$ NO NEWS COVERAGE... .... WTF, submitted: 5/20/2017 4:23:07 PM, 702 points (+714|-12)

Colbert the Cock Holster Shill, submitted: 5/3/2017 2:56:23 PM, 108 points (+115|-7)

Seth Rich Family DNC PR Operative Brad Bauman's Twitter is in Panic Mode and all comments calling MURDERS out, submitted: 5/22/2017 3:58:06 PM, 78 points (+80|-2)

White House Petition to investigate Hillary Clinton's entire time as NYS Senator and SoS - Sign and Share, submitted: 1/22/2017 8:15:34 PM, 37 points (+40|-3)

Make Seth Rich the HILL WE DIE ON, submitted: 5/25/2017 10:19:55 PM, 32 points (+47|-15)

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TRUMP has FAILED. No Major Arrests coming. Sessions betrayed Trump. No 5D whatever Chess. Trump gets SWAMPED., submitted: 8/4/2017 5:33:23 PM, -13 points (+4|-17)

If Trump doesn't act on Seth Rich - I will actively support his removal, submitted: 5/25/2017 9:00:41 PM, -3 points (+3|-6)

LOL Best Trump "Curb Your" Meme Yet. Pretty, pretty, pretty satisfying, submitted: 1/30/2017 11:44:22 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Obama Cronies still BTFO of Trump... WTF? Trump be the god damn Boss already, submitted: 6/13/2017 2:57:21 PM, 4 points (+7|-3)

This is the real reason Clinton/DNC created Russia Lies, submitted: 5/25/2017 4:45:51 PM, 6 points (+9|-3)

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World Net Daily CEO on Twitter: "Twitter just disabled @worldnetdaily for 12 hours for our reporting on #SethRich" (May 24, 2017) submitted by ArtsyLiberationz to technology

UnfortunateTruth 1 points 47 points (+48|-1) ago

Keep pushing and memeing.

Never let up on Seth Rich.

DNC has lost narrative control with family

Their hand us showing

Keep pushing them, they'll mess up big time soon

Anthony Weiner CRIES when SENTENCED 6 HOURS AGO to 21 Months in Prison, Surrender iPhone, Pay 350,000$ NO NEWS COVERAGE... .... WTF submitted by UnfortunateTruth to news

UnfortunateTruth 2 points 45 points (+47|-2) ago

Not really surprised, just annoyed that something as solid, present, current, important, and factual, as a famous person in Clinton's circle (close enough to receive classified info) being sentenced to prison for breaking child sex laws... ISN'T NEWS AT ALL.

I mean, come one, you'd think they'd have to say something.

SWEDEN YES! submitted by RunRabbitRun to funny

UnfortunateTruth 1 points 38 points (+39|-1) ago

I like how the little blond girl is the most alpha and least vain

I bet she could physically beat down those two lil boys at once.

Those lil boys better hope the girl protects them

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TRUMP has FAILED. No Major Arrests coming. Sessions betrayed Trump. No 5D whatever Chess. Trump gets SWAMPED. submitted by UnfortunateTruth to politics

UnfortunateTruth 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

Get butt hurt all you want, if you support Trump so blindly to not see how he has fucked up his chance to drain the swamp, than you're no different than an Obamabot in Obama's early years.

"Trump can do no wrong, is a super genius" is a bunch of retard talk made up by shills so we never question the bad decisions we SHOULDN'T be supporting.

Anyone who actually wants to see the US Gov clean up it's act can agree that the presser held today by Sessions was some lame weak ass shit.

We are fighting for the life and death of the republic and people want to "play nice"

WTF is this shit.

People should be going to jail or up and vanishing back into the Spooks world.

But no, people who are openly supporting treason against Trump like Graham, Mccain, and Schumer should be in GREAT FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES, but instead openly talk shit on TV still and keep using their power to subvert proper representation in Government.

Trump really should've fired them all day one, and appointed a law enforcement professional but DC outsider like that Sheriff Clarke, not an old guard SENATOR.

What a failure Trump has been. Sad!

We won't get another chance after Trump, the left will be sure of that.

Proof of WaPo reporter refusing to retract their lie! WAPO IS FAKE NEWS! submitted by http404 to politics

UnfortunateTruth 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I wish I had normie media to spread this on.

Make Seth Rich the HILL WE DIE ON submitted by UnfortunateTruth to news

UnfortunateTruth 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Keep spreading info, memeing, telling people in person and pushing the obvious truth

Try to force Trumps hand by turning his strongest base (the internet folk) against him by highlighting his failure to EASILY destroy his "enemies" and save the United States by starting criminal investigations into DNC, Clinton, Podesta

If he is at all what so ever what he claims to be, he'd act on Seth Rich.

If he doesn't soon, he will lose all his internet support, and without that, he has no one to defend him from MSM

He better do something