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Jim "Statue of Liberty" Acosta BTFO for Being Fake News, submitted: 8/25/2017 4:19:49 PM, 88 points (+88|-0)

Stunning and Brave, submitted: 2/2/2018 6:42:10 PM, 25 points (+25|-0)

Uncomfortable Leftist Admits Alt-Right Has Right to Free Speech, submitted: 8/17/2017 2:54:54 AM, 6 points (+6|-0)

Louis C.K. Defends Masturbation, submitted: 11/10/2017 9:47:27 PM, 5 points (+7|-2)

Safe Space Marshals Hired to Police Speech at UK Uni, submitted: 10/26/2017 8:54:21 PM, 4 points (+4|-0)

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New OP for Inuyashiki - MAN WITH A MISSION - My Hero, submitted: 10/12/2017 7:35:03 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Chub-TIFA Claims His Bat is for Sports!, submitted: 10/25/2017 12:49:23 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Tim Pool Questions #ResistFacism Protestor About Commie Roots, submitted: 11/6/2017 6:57:24 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

How The DNC Sued The PLANET, submitted: 4/23/2018 3:48:33 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

House Dems to Google: Tech Industry is Problematic and Needs More Diversity, submitted: 8/10/2017 6:11:09 PM, 3 points (+3|-0)

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Joe Rogan shuts down Russell Brand "Not real communism" argument submitted by sdf23sdf to videos

UndercoverRobot 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago

Neither of these people appear to have a solid grasp of the subjects they're discussing.

What Would Happen? submitted by Wolfspider to funny

UndercoverRobot 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago

Bit of an odd comparison. Wearing that hijab is an expression of submission to islam. To do otherwise would be offensive to their barbaric ways and trigger their murderous impulses. She's being a fucking coward. I wasn't surprised, this is what happens when a bunch of soy boys elect a woman with no spine as their leader.

Trump wearing a sombrero wouldn't be an expression of submission to Mexicans, it would just be funny. What would the Mexicans do? Get drunk and try cross the border? Bit late to stop that.

Got this with my breakfast today submitted by AutoGrizz to politics

UndercoverRobot 0 points 13 points (+13|-0) ago

It's unfortunate that this topic always seems to spawn such a stunted discussion. They're well within their rights to argue for higher wages but they're totally wrong for trying to use government force to achieve it. I'm open to hear the economic argument from the fryer monkey explaining how he's getting a raw deal because his labor is producing so much more value than what he's receiving as compensation. However, the moment he suggests he wants the government to shut down the business if they don't give him what he wants... well he can go fuck himself.

The fact is, the corporation put in the investment of resources to develop systems and techniques to maximize profit and make the business what it is today. They did not achieve that by delegating leadership to a fucking mob, they did it though careful planning and successful implementation. That being said, there's a disturbing balance of power here. Because of our illegal immigrant problem, all of the workers quitting isn't much of a threat to the corporation. As a result of shitty home-lives where people never learn to properly cook, these businesses will always have a steady flow of customers regardless of how inequitable they act.

So what's the solution? Simple. The people who feel their labor is oh-so under-valued need to think long and hard about why. If they're right, then they have no business wasting their time at fast-food joints when they could easily put their purportedly exceptional talents to use elsewhere. If they choose to live every day flipping burgers and then going home and engage in hedonism, instead of studying and developing marketable skills, then they have no one to blame but themselves. You reap what you sow.

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Metro Dev: If PC Gamers Boycott Us Over Moving To Epic, Then We Just Won't Make Games For PC submitted by karaz to gaming

UndercoverRobot 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

On the flip side, imagine being such a good goyim that you'd boycott a series and developer you like because they didn't suck the cock of your favorite distribution platform.

A Google manager brags about how he keeps an internal blacklist based on his spying on employee emails. submitted by EarlPoncho to whatever

UndercoverRobot 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

I more or less agree with you but, come on, you have to admit that if you don't think too hard about it, it doesn't seem so unreasonable. And, unless I'm missing something, this guy is talking about stalking potential recruits on google's failed attempt to improve upon facebook (Google+), not clandestinely accessing private email accounts.

If we throw out the mental illness that is the extreme left ideology, then reviewing a person's social media accounts to get a better idea of who that person is, well it might be understandable. If you hire somebody for a pizza delivery job and their social media has a ton of posts and rants about the virtues of drunk driving while on the clock, well then it seems perfectly reasonable to factor that into your reasoning.

That being said, given the timing it's an obvious reference to the memo. A memo that contained nothing but the truth. Maybe he's right. maybe that memo does belittle some of his co-workers. But then here is where that mental illness returns. To me, this is what makes it truly disturbing; That he has co-workers on his team who objectively have beliefs that aren't based on evidence and when said beliefs are questioned, the questioner becomes some vicious enemy of peace that must be ostracized.

What kind of world, what kind of community will that build? Well, I think the memo itself paints a picture of the kind of community it would build. The memo, and the effects. The term echo chamber gets thrown around a lot but that is exactly what this leads to. In their quest for the emotional security of pathologically fragile individuals, google has cut off its nose to spite it's face. It has chosen to protect and encourage mental illness over encouraging discussion and debate. Disturbing indeed.

Police officer uses "civil forfeiture" to take all of the money out of a hot dog vendor's wallet - Streamable submitted by secondme to videos

UndercoverRobot 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago

Smells like SJW in here. Oh. Must be the logic.