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15 years Incarceration for viewing Alt-Right content, submitted: 3/12/2018 7:22:42 AM, 42 points (+42|-0)

Japanese minister Taro Aso praises Hitler, submitted: 4/28/2018 11:57:56 AM, 38 points (+42|-4)

Machete wielding maniac kills a woman in Germany. Can you guess the perpetrator? GAF cant., submitted: 7/24/2016 5:55:42 PM, 29 points (+29|-0)

Mass Effect Andromeda, not selling mere days after blockbuster AAA title release, submitted: 3/23/2017 11:28:54 PM, 27 points (+28|-1)

SJWs fear personal expression, likening applause to violence., submitted: 7/21/2016 5:59:31 AM, 26 points (+27|-1)

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Thought crime, submitted: 5/9/2018 9:44:56 AM, -1 points (+4|-5)

Tony Robinson Time Travels, submitted: 10/16/2020 12:59:16 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Cultrual Amnesia from res publica to Res Idiotica, submitted: 8/11/2018 11:31:23 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Fuck the kike shills lurking this site, submitted: 9/14/2018 9:36:00 AM, 1 points (+6|-5)

Prioritising genuine refugee claimants, submitted: 1/25/2016 9:17:00 AM, 2 points (+2|-0)

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WTF... Portland riots were based submitted by Miklo to HDLunited

UncleDoug 1 points 58 points (+59|-1) ago

To the Jewish reporter's dismay when his tribe gets called out.

I've only ever seen Jews with pubes on their heads.

Hate is taught submitted by trofa to HDLunited

UncleDoug 0 points 28 points (+28|-0) ago

So the niggers and communists destroying public services and privates business must have been taught.

What the hell is up with "The Librarian"!? submitted by EviWhore to NeoFAG

UncleDoug 0 points 28 points (+28|-0) ago

Librarians check out books

This one checked out of reality

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I'm an Atheist and i hate it-says gaffot-others chimes in tries to give a "better" perspective submitted by knightwarrior41 to NeoFAG

UncleDoug 8 points -5 points (+3|-8) ago

Because i denied myself from a wonderful bed time story where god and his angels will always watch over everyone ~ Mousnis

@ knightwarrior41

you love your bed time stories mate.

Get off your high horse already with your weekly shit on Atheist threads, or I might be making weekly Christian corruption threads like how Mother Teresa was recently canonised, in spite of torturing people her entire life.

Don't trust politicians submitted by Kot88 to HDLunited

UncleDoug 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

Gadaffi was responsible for pan-am flight 103 Lockerbie bombing, routinely raped kids and teenage girls, planted landmines killing his own civilians, and a plethora of war crimes.

The only good thing about Gadaffi was he also routinely pushed his loyalist Libyan militia men to raid border towns to kill niggers and keep those animals in check through fear and intimidation.

Milk is good for us, because we're different species submitted by dirdum to HDLunited

UncleDoug 6 points -4 points (+2|-6) ago

I found you again buddy, 6 upvotes, and everything you said is verifiably incorrect I'm positive you are a low effort JIDF troll.

Destroys the enzymes that actually helps you digest milk.

Pasteurisation is just applying mild heat to kill pathogens in the milk such as Listeria monocytogenes. It promotes shelf life and does not significantly alter the nutritional quality of milk. Raw milk tastes better, that's about it.

Some enzymes such as lipase, proteinase, cathepsin D can be destroyed but this has nothign to do with lactose intolerance.

Often even lactose intolerant people can drink raw milk.

Lactose is a sugar found in milk, lactase is an enzyme found in the gastrointestinal tract that breaks down lactose.

People with lactose intolerance lack the enzyme, beta-galactosidase (lactase).

Both raw milk and pasteurised contain lactase.

Lactose intolerance map.