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@StormIsUponUs Going Offline Indefinitely - Interesting Timing submitted by HerbanGardener to GreatAwakening

USAMatters 1 points 42 points (+43|-1) ago

Joe M was the first place I went once I turned on my computer in the morning and the last place I went before shutting down the computer. Since I often work late into the night, my final check would be 1 or 2 am.

Joe's videos are great - he will be very missed.

We have to be prepared for a massive change in the near term. Great Awakening goes done often. The reddit page has been removed, 8chan went down, Q has been quiet, even SerialBrain2 has not posted for some time.

I truly feel this is being done to have the pedos & their crew become off balance. I know we feel a great void because one of our best digital friends has gone silent. If we feel this way, can you imagine how confused they are at this time? We are not waiting for a 4 am raid - they are & they have no place to hide.

We have learned a lot over the last three years. The baton has been given to us to keep the movement moving forward. The extent of the knowledge we have learned is hard to explain to others - they become overwhelmed. We must go slow and steady - baby steps.

One of God's Blessings came to me yesterday. My son's wife is a progressive and she has worked hard to keep my son away from me. We have not spoken in what seemed forever. I realized the situation he was in - it is hard to constantly be in the middle of his wife's hatred to me as a conservative and his love for me. I know the marriage bound between a man and a woman is paramount. While heartbreaking, I stayed quiet and just prayed. Last night he called and said he missed and loved me and wants to get together next week for lunch.

When I first joined the digital movement, and the first time someone called me a Patriot and the first time someone left WWG1WGA at the end of their post to me - it all felt very weird - not anymore.

God Blessings to everyone - WWG1WGA

The enemy is attacking 144 countries! Why would POTUS say that? submitted by Lonegunman65 to GreatAwakening

USAMatters 0 points 38 points (+38|-0) ago

there are apparently a number of our military in europe arresting people. this is still to be verified, but there are twits from those in germany who believe this to be true.

the virus is in about 144 countries. my personal feeling is the coronavirus was purposely started by the deep state. odd that tom hanks and madonna would have "corona" typewriters - gosh maybe that is a hint. IMHO the virus was purposely spread & President Trump is working with the white hats of the world removing embedded deep state players.

the US is apparently having european military transport planes flying in & out of las vegas. casinos are shut down for the first time maybe ever. remember the massacre at mandalay hotel which was supposed to be a cover for assassinating President Trump? so there must be a bunch of black hats in vegas.

except for the virus, the US msm are not covering other areas of the world or other news topics.

The Pope is a sick dude submitted by SenseiAnon17 to GreatAwakening

USAMatters 1 points 37 points (+38|-1) ago

The Pope is part of the DS. He is an evil person.

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So Barr says there was no treason...that's not what I want to hear. submitted by isitjustme to GreatAwakening

USAMatters 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

This is not good. Barr maybe a DS person.

Candace Owens: What The Left Fears More Than Anything Are White People And Black People Coming Together And Loving Their Country. This Is Why They Are Doing Absolutely Everything In Their Power To ... submitted by Stonenchizel to GreatAwakening

USAMatters 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago

One can add Latinos who want a good life for their family. As well as Asians and others who are conservative, want to protect children and work together for the betterment of each other.

"Service Due": New video by Jim Watkins which mentions 8 KUN, STREAMED 2 hours ago. submitted by Lauraingalls to GreatAwakening

USAMatters 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

if Q+ and Q wanted 8kun up and running - it would be up and running. there is a reason why Q is being quiet.