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"Flag of shame": Video of French protesters tearing down (((EU))) flag goes viral submitted by Renatus to news

TwistedSista 0 points 36 points (+36|-0) ago

I'm sure they just mistook it for the flag of major petroleum company! These protests are all about rising fuel prices!

lol, that narrative collapsed faster than hillary after a brisk walk.

Anon joins Voat submitted by Mayhawk to introductions

TwistedSista 0 points 29 points (+29|-0) ago

Sheesh, yer a goddamn faggot.

Account Deleted By User submitted by saintdindu to whatever

TwistedSista 1 points 28 points (+29|-1) ago

"This country has a mental health problem disguised as a gun problem and a tyranny problem disguised as a security problem." ~ Joey Rogan

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Drunken white Missouri man mistakes neighbors house for his own, kills homeowner thinking he was an intruder submitted by Kannibal to news

TwistedSista 20 points -20 points (+0|-20) ago

Ahhhh, the old responsible ccw gun owner saves the day switcheroo!

Nigger vs Chinaman submitted by Samsquamch to WhatCouldGoWrong

TwistedSista 19 points -13 points (+6|-19) ago

Dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please! (But this looks like asia so maybe just Asian...)

Edit: this place is butt-fucking interior designer levels of sensitive faggotry. Watch a movie, not everything poking fun at blatant racism isn't sarcastic!

Account Deleted By User submitted by AlbitEinstein to GreatAwakening

TwistedSista 16 points -8 points (+8|-16) ago

english motherfucker, do you type it?

If you guys actually had shit to say it would be worth saying correctly, no?