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I was banned for pointing out that bad writing is a valid reason to give a game a bad review, submitted: 4/4/2016 6:39:16 AM, 250 points (+256|-6)

SJWs always double-down on the stupid. Beamdog is asking SJW media to help them attack their critics., submitted: 4/4/2016 7:37:44 PM, 164 points (+173|-9)

Paul Joseph Watson publicly shitlords Lena Dunham, submitted: 2/7/2017 1:36:20 PM, 141 points (+149|-8)

Student informs school he was being falsely accused, school investigates HIM, submitted: 8/4/2016 11:16:52 PM, 115 points (+116|-1)

Just doing my daily shitlording on Whisper, submitted: 6/17/2016 11:43:47 PM, 90 points (+90|-0)

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HD streaming on Oneplus 5?, submitted: 6/28/2017 11:50:16 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Hickok45 decides NRA money is more important than rights, now supports gun control, submitted: 10/6/2017 3:22:23 AM, 1 points (+5|-4)

Why is the media smearing new FCC chairman? | Forbes, submitted: 1/25/2017 5:04:05 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

*sigh* GOG has fallen to the Early Access cancer, submitted: 1/28/2016 8:24:16 PM, 6 points (+17|-11)

Good Bluetooth headset for gaming?, submitted: 9/10/2016 4:54:26 AM, 6 points (+7|-1)

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Account Deleted By User submitted by Bidoof to news

Totenglocke 3 points 197 points (+200|-3) ago

As a good looking, well educated, employed single male in his early 30's (and also snipped to ensure no "accidents"), I would like to thank feminism for creating a society where I have easy access to sex with multiple attractive young girls desperate for a man to support them.

The Supreme Court just unanimously declared the Gov't has no right to penalize, ban or prohibit "hate speech" submitted by JimboX to news

Totenglocke 1 points 146 points (+147|-1) ago

Well, no shit, but at least they're openly declaring their support for the Constitution on this one.

Cops Seize Car When Told to Get a Warrant, Tell Owner That's What He Gets for "Exercising His Rights" submitted by OhBlindOne to news

Totenglocke 9 points 113 points (+122|-9) ago

The fact that shit like this happens on a daily basis is why I feel no sympathy when a cop gets killed.

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It's okay, everybody makes mistakes, but some mistakes you won't ever forget. submitted by ComedicGoat to funny

Totenglocke 35 points -33 points (+2|-35) ago

Of course it was a fucking obeast...

James Comey now believes Donald Trump was trying to influence Russia investigation, source says submitted by alphonso to news

Totenglocke 27 points -19 points (+8|-27) ago

My anonymous source tells me that I can give a girl an orgasm just by winking at her.

It's okay, everybody makes mistakes, but some mistakes you won't ever forget. submitted by ComedicGoat to funny

Totenglocke 18 points -18 points (+0|-18) ago

Not fat? She's well over 200 lbs!