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Q-mers were a mistake submitted by goytoynamedtroy to whatever

Timmy2 0 points 50 points (+50|-0) ago

He done been jewed alright. Israel only exists because they brainwashed the world into believing that six million (300,000 the likely real number) of their kind died in WWII. The evidence shows that Europe had about one million fewer Jews in 1946 then before the war, due to migration to the USA and the creation of Israel. Europe and the US, were tricked into allowing the Jews to take over Palestine and name it Israel, because some Jew said it was God's will. They've been manipulating the West to unprecedented levels ever since. We fucking give them 30+ billion dollars annually and let them tell us what to do. WTF?

After SJW Gillette ad gets over 1.3M dislikes...YouTube seeks ways to prevent "abuse" of the dislike button submitted by Mr_Quagmire to whatever

Timmy2 1 points 39 points (+40|-1) ago

"Abuse", that's funny.

>White Life submitted by GoyimNose to TraditionalWives

Timmy2 0 points 39 points (+39|-0) ago

"White life" is bad to libtards. It doesn't allow for absolute degeneracy. It requires commitment, planning, creativity, and dedication. Fuck libtards for trying to destroy what makes society great.

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Fat to fit: dictator edition submitted by shadow332 to fatpeoplehate

Timmy2 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

This almost breaks rule four, showing a fat piece of shit as if they would ever become human.

Hambeast daycare worker throws child. Tells parents it fell. submitted by Carsandsarcasm to fatpeoplehate

Timmy2 7 points -6 points (+1|-7) ago

The kid fell after she threw it. Nigger didn't lie, in the sense that Bill Clinton didn't lie, based on what the meaning of is is.

It turns out Poal is who's flooding Voat with gore. submitted by LisaScienceQueen to ProtectVoat

Timmy2 12 points -5 points (+7|-12) ago

What does @niggerfaggotjewkike have to do with Poal?