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Mod team changes, submitted: 4/6/2017 12:52:37 AM, -84 points (+34|-118)

A recap of what happened. There are no SJWs on the mod team here., submitted: 8/28/2015 9:59:28 AM, -42 points (+53|-95)

Bamboozled again!, submitted: 9/1/2015 9:27:42 AM, -13 points (+12|-25)

Welcome to /v/AskFPH everyone!, submitted: 10/1/2015 9:20:49 PM, -8 points (+5|-13)

Update on mod situation, submitted: 4/6/2017 4:08:40 AM, -4 points (+11|-15)

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Fatties have invaded Voat. submitted by KyIe to fatpeoplehate

The_Penis_Wizard 3 points 137 points (+140|-3) ago

Fuck off, fatty.

I wasn't modded to /v/askvoat because I didn't agree with their SJW ideals, and refused to ass kiss /u/she. All the new mods are the direct result of cronyism and mod corruption. submitted by The_Penis_Wizard to ProtectVoat

The_Penis_Wizard 21 points 122 points (+143|-21) ago

What hurts the most is that two of my mods from FPH are now askvoat mods. I'd just thought the rumors I was hearing about them were mindless witch hunting, because I know they were defending she somewhat. Now I'm not so sure. I don't want to outright ban them before getting the whole story, but this really worries me. Especially since it sounds like similar questions were asked in all the interviews.

Also, does anyone know where else I should post this?

ProjectVOAT and It's Choice to Message Us submitted by HomerSimpson to fatpeoplehate

The_Penis_Wizard 1 points 62 points (+63|-1) ago

  1. This is a fairly obvious pyramid scheme.

  2. Where will you be making money from? From us and other subverses. How gracious that you "plan to share the revenue from those with our partners" aka the people who made you that money.

  3. You've been telling people to spread the word on it since it was created.

And I think trying to monetize subverses is a bad idea in general. The mods will then focus on making money, instead of having what's best for the subverse at heart. It encourages mod corruption.

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Mod team changes submitted by The_Penis_Wizard to fatpeoplehate

The_Penis_Wizard 75 points -69 points (+6|-75) ago

Of course it's someone with Putin as their username who's in here defending Trump. You couldn't be more transparent.

Mod team changes submitted by The_Penis_Wizard to fatpeoplehate

The_Penis_Wizard 71 points -68 points (+3|-71) ago

Watch it.

Mod team changes submitted by The_Penis_Wizard to fatpeoplehate

The_Penis_Wizard 58 points -55 points (+3|-58) ago

There you are with the buzz words. Anti-PC is code word for "racist asshole." PC just means you can publicly be an asshole. Anti-SJW means you're afraid of change and progress.

Sorry man, it's 2017, you can't hate people for their skin color any more.