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Something you should explore further. Impressive, most impressive. Q (2998) submitted by 721-AQZ to GreatAwakening

TheSubversives 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago

Fuck me, I researched this exact shit when vault 7 was released... in the middle had my entire hdd remotely wiped and never touched it again. Q dropping the relatively recent ‘keystone’ drops never primed my brain to go back and look again to make the correct connection.

I’m so glad we have so many eyes on this and intelligent patriots among us, because I bet there were many others that even knew about this but never retroactively made the connection as well or slowly forgot over time. This is a great reminder to always revisit what you think you know, you will always make new connections. I wanna buy this anon a beer, great find.

God bless anon, for we are much stronger together! WWG1WGA

Vale Srayzie, Vale Shizy. Drums.... Drums in the Deep... They are coming submitted by MolochHunter to GreatAwakening

TheSubversives 3 points 13 points (+16|-3) ago

Completely agree.

Thank all of you for your service to this movement. Without people of integrity, we'd be no better than the fuckfest that is the chans. Oceans of good information cloaked from good people because of the non-navigable terrain of porn and other crazy shit.

Just out of curiosity, how are mods selected?

Bye Crooked Hillary, [-21] and mysterious tests. Can you solve? submitted by SerialBrain2 to GreatAwakening

TheSubversives 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago

This connects a lot of David Wilcock’s insider testimony to Q drops and SB2 decodes. Also explains the extra dimensional beings decode from SB2 previously. Wilcock's insider known as Jacob was a high level person who worked for/closely with the Rothschilds, an interstellar businessman and sometimes wetwork assassin, he goes into great detail about the inside of the Rothschilds operations. He describes a lot of what is being decoded. If you didn’t know, there is a Secret Space Program, the Rothschilds control a vast majority of it. They have sold out humanity long ago to Reptillian ETs (what I believe most people refer to as demons) that feed off of human misery and suffering. This nourishes them, they need it to live and are truly the ones in control of this Cabal. The luciferians worship these beings and believe that if they can offer what they desire (humanity suffering) that they will be treated as gods amongst men, given immense power. In exchange for offering them the human misery and suffering they need to survive, the ETs offer the Rothschilds (and the Nazis before/during WWII) immense amounts of technology. The Nazis then used this technology and all of the gold/resources they stockpiled to create a “breakaway civilization”. This civilization has since been funded by the average taxpayer via the rigged Fed Reserve and Central Banking Cartel. This is part of where the $20T has gone, to develop certain technologies that are not available to the public, establish civilizations off planet, etc.

The whole Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030 shit is a move to depopulate the Earth to around 500 million people so that were much easier to control. The plan is to get humanity to the point where we can ALL be controlled, microchipped and unable to fight back in any meaningful way. To become a slave race (not yet) and fear farm for the reptilians (already are). This is why the divide and conquer tactics are being pushed so hard. This is why the 16 year plan to destabilize America HAD to be stopped. They have the need for control. At this point in the plan the reptilians begin to make their presence known as there’s nothing we can do about it, they were promised the ENTIRE continent of Africa by the Rothschilds, so that they could live on the surface of the Earth instead of in Deep Underground Military Bases(DUMBs) of which there are 131 in the US alone, Roswell being one of them. They’re all interconnected underground as well.

The Q Earth vibration in November that lasted 17 seconds over and over for 20 minutes that scientists could not explain was signaling that Q team/ Patriots/ The Alliance, whatever you wish to call the good guys, have regained control of the satellites that can completely control the weather and natural disasters, when paired with ground HAARP. It’s no coincidence that right before this came the CA wildfires and previous YEARS of CA drought. And right after this signal (which reportedly destroyed some DUMBs and most likely will not ever be repeated again) CA drought virtually disappears in just a few weeks and Q posts about Corona satellites, amongst other things being in control now.

I’m sure none of you believe what I’m saying whatsoever, and that’s fine because I didn’t believe it prior to a ton of research and I still have trouble believing some of it as I still have faith in humanity that makes a lot of this hard to swallow. It starts to become undeniable when you have independent testimony from 10+ people who each obviously don't know the whole picture, only what they're allowed to know (compartmentalization), they are tested with tons of false positives, fake information that they then reject and all of their stories still fit together perfectly. Not to mention Q alludes to a lot of this and frequently says things such as: "the sum of all fears, much worse than you can imagine, the end won't be for everyone, etc". These things are not to be taken lightly, in my opinion.

Just as this SB2 post ends with, this will start becoming extremely unrealistic for those who continue to seek knowledge as the dismantling of this cabal begins to hit full momentum. ETs, child and sex trafficking, human sacrifice, adrenochrome, secret space program, vast suppressed technologies, and tons more. Where do you think the missing 20+TRILLION has gone? To all of the above, easily been siphoned off by these monsters and used to sell out humanity and build completely new civilizations. China has built 2.5Trillion dollars worth of “ghost cities” fully built out cities with roads, power infrastructure, EVERYTHING, etc that can house combined upwards of 60M people, but currently house nobody. What do you think you could do with 10x that money?

If you want a short primer on some of what I’m talking about, I can recommend Above Majestic: the implications of a secret space program. If you are seriously interested and can’t afford the $5 to watch it online, PM me and I might be able to get it to you via a cloud hosted solution in a veracrypt container.

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TheSubversives 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Thank you for this! Is there a subvoat/other community where I could find more resources like this?

This is immensely fascinating and I'm slowly building a large archive of things like this, so it'd be nice to find more!


TheSubversives 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Thank you so much! I'll use wget to create offline archives of both of these sites! Much appreciated!


TheSubversives 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

It's awesome! I use: wget -mkEp is just an example, you may use any website. Depending on the total size of the website, it might take a while to download. Most sites will be a couple hundred MB. The largest I've downloaded was David Wilcock's and that was 16GB.

These arguments allow you to create an offline mirror, it recursively follows all directories and downloads them. It also appends the .html filetype on the correct files. It also changes the links to the correct destination on your local copy instead of redirecting you to an online version when clicked. Wget works great for sites that are not extremely reliant on JavaScript features! You can look up what each argument does in the wget documentation if you're curious!

Just make sure to use or not use "www" depending on whether the website uses it. Took me a while to figure out why it wasn't working properly a few times because of that. EX: does not, neither does