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Are Trump Regime Hardliners Heading for War on Iran?, submitted: 11/6/2018 6:38:08 PM, -11 points (+2|-13)

Trump Regime Blames Iran for Its Own High Crimes, submitted: 11/6/2018 6:38:55 PM, -11 points (+2|-13)

Zionist Trump Regime Blames Iran for Its Own High Crimes, submitted: 11/6/2018 7:43:07 PM, -8 points (+6|-14)

Are Trump Regime Hardliners Heading for War on Iran?, submitted: 11/6/2018 7:44:06 PM, -7 points (+3|-10)

Trump's Saudi Support Highlights Brutality Of 'America First' Doctrine, submitted: 11/24/2018 7:03:51 PM, -7 points (+4|-11)

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Comey Pizzagate Email Found submitted by SeekNuShallFind to pizzagate

TheFaggotMuhammad 0 points 54 points (+54|-0) ago

These scum at the FBI more interested in investigating people who exposed pizzgate than actually investigating pizzagate.

r/politics removes every post about Avenatti's arrest, citing "off-topic". That sub had no issue with every other clickbait article prior to this including the size of Trump's junk. (Totally on-topic) submitted by DietCokehead1 to MeanwhileOnReddit

TheFaggotMuhammad 1 points 35 points (+36|-1) ago

r/politics .. where shariablue bots are allowed to operate by reddit admins

the stronghold for the mental illness known as russiagate.

where only ultra-leftist marxist communist viewpoints are allowed

the place that accuses everyone on the right of being a russian bot..

should be renamed to r/MSMCircleJerk

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Bill Smith? Why did Trump mention 3X in Illionos speech? submitted by HYDEEL22 to theawakening

TheFaggotMuhammad 6 points -4 points (+2|-6) ago

Because he's full of B S

Retard with long criminal record threatens fat naked dudes. Gets shot to death. submitted by ExpertShitposter to whatever

TheFaggotMuhammad 6 points -2 points (+4|-6) ago

I hope those fucking murders get raped incessantly in prison before going to the chair. Fucking scum of the earth

Julian Assange deserves a Medal of Freedom, not a secret indictment submitted by TheFaggotMuhammad to politics

TheFaggotMuhammad 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

I think you are fucking delusional.

CIA Director Michael Pompeo called the whistleblower site WikiLeaks a “non-state hostile intelligence service” and said news organizations that reveal the government’s crimes are “enemies” of the United States.

In his remarks, Pompeo said, “We have to recognize that we can no longer allow Assange and his colleagues the latitude to use free speech values against us. To give them the space to crush us with misappropriated secrets is a perversion of what our great Constitution stands for. It ends now.”

Pompeo called these exposures “false narratives that increasingly define our public discourse” and “demean and distort the work and achievements of the CIA.” Those who are behind them are committing “treason.”

Pompeo launched a personal attack on Assange, calling him a “darling of terrorists,” a “narcissist,” a “fraud,” and a “coward.” “Assange and his ilk make common cause with dictators,” Pompeo said.

“Assange and his kind are not the slightest bit interested in improving civil liberties or enhancing personal freedom. They champion nothing but their own celebrity,” he added. “Their currency is click-bait, their moral compass nonexistent, their mission personal self-aggrandizement through the destruction of Western values.”

Trump is playing ball with these deepstaters and trumpublicucks better wake up