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Now that Clinton lost I can hate Trump without being called a shill., submitted: 11/9/2016 2:39:23 PM, 240 points (+263|-23)

The difference between men and women, submitted: 9/21/2016 2:29:33 AM, 140 points (+142|-2)

President-elect Trump blasts media for inciting protests, submitted: 11/11/2016 3:33:28 AM, 105 points (+108|-3)

Trump gains on Clinton, poll shows 'rigged' message resonates, submitted: 10/22/2016 2:25:00 AM, 96 points (+98|-2)

Trump: I'll have 'lots of options' to go after Clinton when I win, submitted: 10/21/2016 6:48:55 PM, 94 points (+97|-3)

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EPA chief exaggerates growth of coal jobs by tens of thousands, submitted: 6/5/2017 5:04:52 PM, -55 points (+116|-171)

Entire world from Europe to Exxon rebukes Trump, submitted: 6/2/2017 7:50:56 PM, -40 points (+2|-42)

Sean Spicer cant name a single legislative accomplishment for Trumps first 100 days, submitted: 4/19/2017 6:26:13 PM, -37 points (+6|-43)

President Trump has made 1,318 false or misleading claims over 263 days, submitted: 11/4/2017 6:24:33 PM, -31 points (+3|-34)

Donald Trump Spent His First State of the Union Taking Credit for Barack Obama's Accomplishments, submitted: 1/31/2018 6:50:49 PM, -30 points (+1|-31)

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Just wanted to point out: Voat has only 22 days of funding left. submitted by Dereliction to whatever

Terrorist 0 points 40 points (+40|-0) ago

member for 9 minutes


White House Press Releasr on Baron submitted by isibjimbo to politics

Terrorist 0 points 30 points (+30|-0) ago

For those curious, this is real.

I feel bad for the kid. Anyone who mocks him because of his father's beliefs is a piece of shit.

Federal Judge Finds CNN GUILTY of Pushing Fake News (This Is NOT Satire) submitted by EmmetMcTaggart to politics

Terrorist 9 points 30 points (+39|-9) ago

The court did not declare CNN’s reporting to have been erroneous, examine the overall practices of CNN outside of Carbone’s complaint, nor say (or even hint) that the station deals in “fake news.” The ruling did not even constitute a final judgement in favor of the plaintiff, as it simply established that Carbone had sufficiently proved grounds to proceed with his lawsuit against CNN.

It's funny how these places call others "fake news" while pushing this stuff.

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Reminder: Trump & team have been under investigation for 6+ months, EVERYTHING has been leaked, and still no evidence of Russia "collusion." submitted by NeedleStack to politics

Terrorist 38 points -21 points (+17|-38) ago

Account age doesn't matter. Calling someone a shill just means you can't form an argument.

Net Neutrality for those that aren't clear on the subject submitted by knije_tahou to politics

Terrorist 27 points -19 points (+8|-27) ago

Yes and lizards are molesting people at satanic cookouts