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Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isnt listening, submitted: 1/22/2017 9:51:56 AM, 122 points (+126|-4)

Voting Brigade in /v/politics, submitted: 11/27/2016 9:56:18 AM, 113 points (+119|-6)

Horst Mahler: imprisoned for talking about what's written in Jewish texts, submitted: 4/20/2017 11:25:49 AM, 68 points (+68|-0)

3/4 of faked peer reviews done by Chinese, submitted: 9/28/2016 8:45:20 AM, 63 points (+63|-0)

FBIAnon returns to 4chan, submitted: 2/20/2017 1:13:51 PM, 62 points (+64|-2)

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Do vaccines work? Any rebuttal to Humphries?, submitted: 1/14/2017 12:29:54 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

For Bernie Fans, submitted: 11/27/2016 12:16:07 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Master Battlerite - profile, stats, rankings, leaderboards, news, submitted: 1/9/2017 1:03:45 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Battlecrank - Battlerite News and Guides, submitted: 1/9/2017 1:05:21 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Why sucks, submitted: 1/20/2017 3:07:39 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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Idiot comment of the day: " it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book," President Barack Obama submitted by Mr_Sir to whatever

Tancred 0 points 62 points (+62|-0) ago

"We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book," President Barack Obama said at a memorial for five slain officers in Dallas, Texas.

What's really funny, in a twisted way, is that he's been selling weapons in the middle east, and we're not talking about Glocks...

Disney Drops YouTuber PewDiePie Over Death to All Jews Video submitted by individualin1984 to news

Tancred 0 points 57 points (+57|-0) ago

If only it was "Death to all Whites", Disney would've been fine with it.

Account Deleted By User submitted by coinphrase to politics

Tancred 3 points 52 points (+55|-3) ago

A woman should not be chief of police.

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Like its been nuked: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes submitted by gramman74 to news

Tancred 11 points -9 points (+2|-11) ago

DDT is safe for humans and could help millions to survive malaria.

Technology ! submitted by AustralianPolice to whoa

Tancred 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

What a waste of tech

Donald Trump gave a press conference and Big Pharma companies lost $25 billion in just 20 minutes submitted by HeartRobber to news

Tancred 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

Anyone here who has money in stocks? Does it scare you how flimsy the market seems now?