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I see lots of hate for smokers and fat people but noticed that no one seems to complain about alcoholics, submitted: 7/3/2017 8:46:50 PM, 124 points (+129|-5)

Hawaii volcano now dispensing appliances - get 'em while they're hot, submitted: 5/15/2018 4:08:43 PM, 107 points (+108|-1)

Monkey Orchids, submitted: 9/14/2018 7:34:19 AM, 88 points (+88|-0)

You shouldn't Voat before bed, submitted: 8/20/2017 5:59:50 PM, 65 points (+69|-4)

I'm just really happy to be here, submitted: 9/5/2018 7:10:31 AM, 55 points (+57|-2)

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Debunking Evolution - Scientific evidence against evolution - the clash between theory and reality, submitted: 6/18/2018 3:38:59 AM, -5 points (+1|-6)

Jesus appears in dog's butthole, submitted: 7/20/2018 6:48:31 PM, -2 points (+7|-9)

Wagging the Moondoggie - by Dave McGowan, submitted: 7/29/2018 4:25:13 AM, -1 points (+1|-2)

NEW SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES PROVE DARWIN WAS WRONG, submitted: 6/18/2018 3:50:30 AM, -1 points (+4|-5)

God's Enclosed Flat Earth Investigation - Full Documentary [HD] Parts 1-12, submitted: 6/23/2018 1:26:03 AM, 0 points (+3|-3)

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Entitled single mom salty that businesses won't just give her free food she has no intention or ability to pay for submitted by Skyrock to whatever

SurfinMindWaves 0 points 53 points (+53|-0) ago

Give my kid free samples so I can drink some more wine. Infuriating. Why do people always black out the names? If this was posted to a public venue we should all be able to respond, right?

Why do so many people lease/buy $50,000+ cars yet live in rented apartments? Shouldn't they put their money into appreciating assets/real property etc..? submitted by Justaddcoffee to AskVoat

SurfinMindWaves 3 points 46 points (+49|-3) ago

If you're preoccupied with your own life what do you care what other people do with their money?

"Fucking white people and their..." *shuffles deck, picks a card* "...Outdoor recreations" submitted by Thelegend27tons to funny

SurfinMindWaves 0 points 44 points (+44|-0) ago

As a white person, I often forbid people of color from leaving their homes to experience "the great outdoors". I'm doing God's work.

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M Obama is a Trannie submitted by Lucky12B to whatever

SurfinMindWaves 14 points -11 points (+3|-14) ago

Because she was an old lady getting unnecessary surgery and didn't survive? You actually think Obama is going to murder everyone that calls his wife a tranny?

Once you go... submitted by ddd to funny

SurfinMindWaves 13 points -9 points (+4|-13) ago

My White (German ancestry) husband walked out on us right after my son was born. Shitty deadbeat dads come in all colors.

Account Deleted By User submitted by GoatyMcGoatface to whatever

SurfinMindWaves 13 points -8 points (+5|-13) ago

Because the men they married are NEVER at fault.