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You're a victim! And you're a victim! You are all victims!, submitted: 7/14/2019 12:49:42 AM, 263 points (+265|-2)

This one simple meme causes SJW heads to explode., submitted: 11/16/2019 2:57:16 AM, 231 points (+239|-8)

@Puttitout, could you ask the glowniggers running this place to spend some money and fix the code causing all the crashes?, submitted: 12/25/2019 4:39:08 AM, 210 points (+212|-2)

One of my children noticed how often redheads are replaced in movies by black people and it bothers him., submitted: 2/17/2020 4:03:47 AM, 194 points (+200|-6)

City of Norfolk, Va to, in essence, ban guns., submitted: 8/25/2020 12:05:15 AM, 161 points (+166|-5)

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ok groomer submitted by CouldBeTrump to politics

SparklingWiggle 0 points 109 points (+109|-0) ago

The simple genius ideas that go so long undiscovered.

Being the only black man at job with Bernie Sanders/ Clinton Supporters submitted by cloonbaskets27 to funny

SparklingWiggle 0 points 98 points (+98|-0) ago

N I G G E R! vrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

In Florida, It is Now Highly Illegal to Say 'Jews Control Hollywood' submitted by Broc_Lia to politics

SparklingWiggle 0 points 89 points (+89|-0) ago

Please let this got to court. It will Streistand like nothing else.

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Public school pills submitted by Chiefpacman to whatever

SparklingWiggle 18 points -18 points (+0|-18) ago

Being close to many teachers, some kids need the meds or they can't learn. His work will be much better.

Go ahead and call me all of your names but it's the truth.

What is it with this ring? submitted by we_kill_creativity to GreatAwakening

SparklingWiggle 19 points -18 points (+1|-19) ago

OMG! People that wear jewelry eat babies. Jewelry begins with JEW. There are no coincidences; kill all JEWS now!!!!!!!

Michael Jackson named the Jew. Stop assuming he was a pedophile. He sheltered the kids Jews raped in Hollywood. Typical Jewish Projection. submitted by BlackSheepBrouhaha to whatever

SparklingWiggle 20 points -17 points (+3|-20) ago

He was a child molesting nigger. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature could figure out he was fucked up.