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Fit vs Fat, submitted: 5/28/2017 9:01:26 PM, 93 points (+95|-2)

They need to declare war on adipose tissue, submitted: 11/20/2016 9:02:22 PM, 46 points (+47|-1)

Well no shit......, submitted: 3/21/2017 9:38:29 PM, 43 points (+43|-0)

One of these is not like the others...., submitted: 9/11/2016 6:41:43 AM, 37 points (+37|-0)

1 God Damn Person!, submitted: 12/8/2016 2:39:10 AM, 31 points (+31|-0)

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Hourly submission max?, submitted: 2/11/2017 10:19:42 PM, -3 points (+3|-6)

The beefiest of curtains., submitted: 4/4/2017 1:25:14 AM, -3 points (+1|-4)

TIL: Google uses reddit as a source., submitted: 4/8/2017 10:03:20 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

This new layout dude., submitted: 4/1/2017 2:57:47 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

jiggle jiggle!, submitted: 10/29/2016 5:08:47 AM, -1 points (+2|-3)

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Why is this comment removed? It has a valid point. Fuck CENSORSHIP ARE THE MODS COMPROMISED? submitted by fuckthejews to Identitarian

So_lost 0 points 45 points (+45|-0) ago

Weapons Grade Faggotry [CONFIRMED]

Account Deleted By User submitted by Kekfashy to news

So_lost 1 points 37 points (+38|-1) ago

And yet we have to kick out millions of their countrymen because they are here illegally. Fucking spics.

Christian student suspended after challenging Muslim profs claim that Jesus wasnt crucified submitted by nobaloney to politics

So_lost 2 points 35 points (+37|-2) ago

If your answer to having a STUDENT question your claim is to have him suspended, then you are truly weak minded.

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Because you'd be in jail. submitted by Thegunnersdream to whatever

So_lost 14 points -14 points (+0|-14) ago

Fuck you! My girlfriend and I are having a seriously hard time thinking about a more terrible fate than being your friend.

It has actually ceased being human-shaped submitted by Hindex to fatpeoplehate

So_lost 14 points -9 points (+5|-14) ago

This is just a bad photoshop.

"I'm down to 245lbs!" Someone pop an apple in its mouth preheat the oven. submitted by Skinnyman to fatpeoplehate

So_lost 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

Good for you I guess? Still a ways to go.