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5 highest rated submissions: was busted as propaganda site for DNC and Soros, submitted: 2/12/2018 3:33:19 AM, 218 points (+236|-18)

James Woods has become the voice of righteous america?, submitted: 2/2/2018 11:43:44 PM, 94 points (+95|-1)

The kike elites are afraid of the middle class, submitted: 2/11/2018 2:40:31 AM, 87 points (+97|-10)

Polish prime minister says Jews perpetrated Holocaust too, submitted: 2/17/2018 8:44:16 PM, 87 points (+93|-6)

Father poses as his daughter online and beats up pedophile, submitted: 2/17/2018 11:26:52 PM, 79 points (+81|-2)

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Only incel nerds play on computers, submitted: 1/18/2018 4:00:27 PM, -15 points (+8|-23)

N64 and Dreamcast controllers were designed by idiots, submitted: 1/21/2018 2:14:39 PM, -11 points (+4|-15)

Thank you for serving..., submitted: 1/27/2018 6:42:54 PM, -11 points (+3|-14)

Switch off the downvoting button because it's a logic fallacy, submitted: 1/28/2018 9:35:26 PM, -8 points (+4|-12)

I was able to find a real normal woman on internet, submitted: 1/26/2018 8:21:18 PM, -5 points (+4|-9)

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Swedish Politician Who Fought for Equality and Open Borders Is Beheaded in Congo submitted by sand_mann to news

Smartech 2 points 34 points (+36|-2) ago

This made my day. One more demented asshole to go, please.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Ex-Redditor to news

Smartech 1 points 22 points (+23|-1) ago

"... all exposed as jewish deep state propaganda". /fixed

Just another coincidence submitted by worldofmadness to whatever

Smartech 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago

Well, this makes really think about all the (((documentaries))) about kikes in concentration camps.

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Would you ever date someone who did porn in the past? submitted by SOULESS to AskVoat

Smartech 9 points -9 points (+0|-9) ago

Fuck off demented kike shill

Me when asked about gun control for the thousandth time... submitted by shadow332 to politics

Smartech 11 points -8 points (+3|-11) ago

Only the original meme is funny. This is another crap made by another moron.

PS3 vs PS4 vs PC submitted by MasterShitposter to gaming

Smartech 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

Consoles don't crash, grasshopper.