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Here we go again. Kid hit by car while playing Pokemon Go because they weren't paying attention. Mom blames game and not her daughter., submitted: 7/14/2016 9:27:08 PM, 131 points (+132|-1)

Home invasion, submitted: 3/21/2017 12:09:12 PM, 114 points (+118|-4)

Engadget calls Anita Sarkeesian's work "Incredibly Valuable". More pandering to SJWs., submitted: 1/20/2016 1:51:25 PM, 103 points (+110|-7)

IT Jobs Explained With A Broken Lightbulb, submitted: 1/9/2017 5:22:36 PM, 74 points (+77|-3)

You will appreciate it!, submitted: 1/24/2017 5:36:57 PM, 72 points (+80|-8)

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Why the calorie is broken, submitted: 1/27/2016 7:46:00 PM, -5 points (+25|-30)

Maths study shows conspiracies 'prone to unravelling' , submitted: 1/27/2016 8:31:02 AM, -2 points (+27|-29)

How Rogue One Brought Back Familiar Faces, submitted: 12/30/2016 1:37:00 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

The part of the Bible they never talk about., submitted: 1/15/2017 5:18:11 AM, 0 points (+2|-2)

[Humor] Mario takes racing a bit too seriously..., submitted: 7/9/2016 3:14:52 AM, 1 points (+8|-7)

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deleted by user submitted by Rapid_Dave to gaming

SkepticalMartian 8 points 109 points (+117|-8) ago

This really has nothing to do with gamergate. It has to do with airing your personal politics while holding a public relations position.

The woman is publicly arguing in favour of child pornography. What the fuck did she expect, a ticker tape parade? This would have got you fired from pretty much any PR job even before gamergate was a thing. Anyone that stupid isn't someone I'd want working for me either.

Rapiddave is pretty much a fucking idiot for defending this scum.

Account Deleted By User submitted by wilfra to technology

SkepticalMartian 22 points 73 points (+95|-22) ago

Nobody uses the actual social network

Actually a lot of people do. The fact that you don't doesn't mean nobody does.

Reddit Chief Engineer Quits: I feel like there are going be some big bumps on the road ahead for Reddit submitted by 18andover to technology

SkepticalMartian 0 points 65 points (+65|-0) ago

Yes, they're losing the 10% who are the main contributors. That's the part you're missing. Sure it's a small part of the whole, but it's an important part.

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deleted by user submitted by Lives to science

SkepticalMartian 22 points -19 points (+3|-22) ago

Which might be a reasonable assumption were it not for the fact that the brigade is basically trying to squelch any form of protest out of the mods - even when it's attempting reasonable conversation. Even when it's something as simple as "we don't know if this will work, we want to trial it to gain information".

Meanwhile, the same brigade is ensuring their own posts reach record upvote levels.

[Meta] v/science Mods Showing Their True Colors submitted by kevdude to science

SkepticalMartian 24 points -14 points (+10|-24) ago

Not science, please remove. We have enough threads about this that another does not need to be made just to appease kevdude's need for drama. They most certainly did brigade. Kevdude is basically lying.

As for mathgrunt doing his own form of protest - I can hardly blame him. You want a sub that is constantly full of shit, that's the sort of garbage you can expect.

[Meta] v/science Mods Showing Their True Colors submitted by kevdude to science

SkepticalMartian 21 points -13 points (+8|-21) ago

Nope, his submissions should go too. Although, you need to take in to consideration why he's doing it. He's pissed off, and for good reason.

You're essentially spamming the sub with garbage. Not only should your post be removed, you should be banned from this place for repeat vote brigading, spamming, and off-topic content.