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It looks like Valve's following through on their promise to open the floodgates, submitted: 9/10/2018 12:38:50 AM, 75 points (+76|-1)

Where do you turn when the government can't rescue an eagle trapped in a tree? The second amendment, of course, submitted: 7/4/2016 3:39:01 PM, 65 points (+66|-1)

George Takei on Gay Sulu: "I Think It's Really Unfortunate", submitted: 7/8/2016 1:15:26 AM, 50 points (+52|-2)

Remember goats: always keep your eyes peeled for an election, submitted: 10/8/2017 4:11:21 AM, 31 points (+31|-0)

Man in jail 2 years for refusing to decrypt drives. Will he ever get out?, submitted: 7/22/2018 1:56:51 AM, 27 points (+29|-2)

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Daisy by Shouni (Flower Knight Girl), submitted: 2/5/2019 3:50:40 AM, -1 points (+5|-6)

Maple by Sylux (Nekopara), submitted: 3/8/2019 4:06:13 PM, 0 points (+4|-4)

Jehuty and Anubis (Zone of the Enders) by innovator123, submitted: 4/6/2019 9:37:38 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

Political/economic writer: Trump's war on Turkey the fuse for a financial crisis in the global south, submitted: 8/19/2018 9:28:58 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

North Korea deploys subs, doubles border artillery, submitted: 8/24/2015 7:35:30 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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Teenagers Protest a Transgender Students Use of the Girls Bathroom submitted by duannguyen to news

ShinyVoater 8 points 85 points (+93|-8) ago

Unfortunately, so many are claiming the bestest, most tolerant thing to do is pump these poor people full of hormones and butcher their bodies instead of helping them become comfortable in their own skin. If someone wants to pluck their right eye out because it offends them, they're given care to address the underlying issues, not humored, but cutting their dick off? You're an intolerant bigot if you think they should be talked out of it.

Canadian Court Orders Dad To Start Treating 11-Year-Old Daughter As A Son submitted by CervicalStrike to news

ShinyVoater 0 points 60 points (+60|-0) ago

It's below the age where they can give consent to anything. This court's just sacrificing the poor girl on the alter of virtue signalling.

Natalie Portman: Holocaust is no more tragic than other genocides submitted by OneOutOfMany to news

ShinyVoater 0 points 47 points (+47|-0) ago

Easily the biggest lesson to learn from the Holocaust is "it can happen here", but it never is; instead we focus on half the victims that came from the largest group to suffer a targeted extermination campaign when the Wehrmacht killed more people on the eastern front while treating the Nazis as some unique evil that can never be repeated.

But Portman is right: the fetishistic obsession with the Holocaust is driving out almost any discussion of the modern genocides that have happened this decade and are happening even today. It's perhaps time that we as a society started moving to put it in its proper place.

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Myanmar army is beheading muslim children and burning muslims alive according to eyewitnesses. Thanks Myanmar army submitted by generate to news

ShinyVoater 19 points -17 points (+2|-19) ago

The underlying issue has nothing to do with Islam; it's an entirely racial matter.

White Men Are The Problem, Says Leading Anti-Brexit Politician submitted by Samchay6 to news

ShinyVoater 12 points -10 points (+2|-12) ago

I think you're mixing up your white men. The main contingent only got there ~1400 years ago while they've been ruled for about a thousand years by another group of white men.

Guy can't understand why Americans don't want to work 15-hour days and six or seven days a week at his drywall business like illegals submitted by bfriend13 to news

ShinyVoater 9 points -9 points (+0|-9) ago

Tis is

It's 'tis(being short for "it is"). You make yourself look like a bigger idiot than those that can't keep its and it's straight.