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Chronicles of Voat: The Qtard Saga, submitted: 9/16/2018 4:49:33 PM, 643 points (+654|-11)

Every fucking time, submitted: 10/30/2018 6:00:29 PM, 353 points (+358|-5)

VoatGuy goes to court - Voat original comic, submitted: 9/22/2018 11:21:35 PM, 235 points (+241|-6)

Voat's amazing incredibly bigoted extremely racist bbq party, submitted: 9/17/2018 12:24:24 PM, 224 points (+244|-20)

Smug life _, submitted: 1/25/2018 5:59:47 PM, 220 points (+221|-1)

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BREAKING NEWS Fort Lauderdale shooter is a weeb, submitted: 1/6/2017 10:24:34 PM, -3 points (+1|-4)

Can't unsee, submitted: 5/21/2018 10:20:35 PM, -3 points (+3|-6)

Chuck Schumer sent a sample for 22andMe test, submitted: 2/18/2018 3:20:48 PM, -1 points (+2|-3)

2018 PRO Chess League: Round 9 | Eastern Division With Must-Win Magnus Carlsen, submitted: 3/12/2018 11:32:21 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Alt right racists, submitted: 2/25/2018 12:24:30 AM, 0 points (+2|-2)

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Chronicles of Voat: The Qtard Saga submitted by Shekelstein6M to funny

Shekelstein6M 0 points 166 points (+166|-0) ago

This took way too fucking long to make.

Story of James submitted by djsumdog to whatever

Shekelstein6M 0 points 101 points (+101|-0) ago

Yeah if the father was smart the mother would turn up dead in a bathroom stall from heroin overdose and a needle sticking out of her arm.

Alternatively, the mother could also be hiding child pornography and drugs in her apartment that she somehow forgot about and it'd be a real shame if someone called the police.

A man's got to do what a man's got to do to protect his children. Just saying...

Mods @ /v/theawakening finally speak out about the censorship, and their reasoning is both incredibly ironic and hilariously retarded. submitted by TheTrigger to pics

Shekelstein6M 0 points 95 points (+95|-0) ago

1 day. They lasted 1 day. Well, at least they did better than thePedos.

They always think they can break voat's immune system.

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UK Foreign Office Droppin' Some Side Splitters On Twitter submitted by TestForScience to funny

Shekelstein6M 12 points -10 points (+2|-12) ago

For violating his parole. He's a slimy jew with a fake name that always stirs trouble then expects the goyim to save him. He's got about a dozen convictions, including mortgage fraud, assault and trying to enter the US with a fake passport.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Scrooblemeyer to news

Shekelstein6M 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

Those damn activist judges jailing people that confess to breaking the law. DAMN THEM!

Account Deleted By User submitted by Scrooblemeyer to news

Shekelstein6M 12 points -6 points (+6|-12) ago

Oh just fucking stop it already. He was arrested for breaking his parole.


The article states:

admitting he did not bother watching the content that Tommy Robinson was streaming, despite deciding to imprison him on the basis of the content he was streaming.

Which is bullshit. His imprisonment had nothing to do with the actual content, and everything to do with the fact that the act of who he was filming was illegal and he was committing an illegal act while on parole.

All the judge needed was 1 second from the whole stream to confirm this. He doesn't need to watch the whole stream.

If you film yourself walking around naked the judge doesn't need to see the whole video, he just needs to see you naked in public.

If you film yourself breaking your parole the judge doesn't need to see the whole video, he just needs to see you breaking parole.

And if the fucking defendant fucking ADMITS TO BREAKING THE LAW then the judge doesn't need to see shit.

I know you people like to suck off Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon cock around here but the man is a convicted felon, guilty of violent acts, fraud and entering the US with a counterfeit passport.

Maybe if you could calm down and decide to think for yourself a bit instead of going with what the controlled opposition media says you'd see him for what he really is.

Now you faggots can keep downvoting because you can't admit to yourself you've been conned by this kike. Fucking pathetic.